Friday, December 5, 2008

A truly special evening

So Brian took me out to dinner last night at my favorite restaurant in Portland - If you never eaten there don't walk - run!

We Sat down at the bar at first and our dear friends Matt and Angie had called ahead and gifted us some sparkling to start off the evening _ very nice touch : ) then we sat down and started to peruse the menu and Brian looked at me and smiled and said have even "looked" at the menu yet? (see the third line down on the menu)

so this was so sweet of the folks at Pork Kitchen (the chef de cuisine Dave Padberg is a good friend and the owner Scott knows us as well - I had mentioned several weeks ago that I was coming in for my birthday but said nothing when I made the reservation now that's a nice touch! The evening was filled with really amazing food coming from the kitchen Scott was cooking last night and man did he send some BEAUTIFUL food out he has a distinct style of cooking and the food at Park kitchen consistently wow's me - there's something more they do there - it's "bright" there's a snap - each flavor is there at it's best - and there is always something unusual in a dish or a preparation that puts a smile on your face - I can't say enough nice things about our diner last night and Brian brought a bottle of 2003 Marcassin (estate) and that really put hings over the top - so I'm officially spoiled rotten!!

A very nice birthday evening!

Thanks Scott and all the wonderful PK staff keep up the great work


chou-chou said...

wow wow wow I am totally green with envy!! sounds superfab. I'm glad you celebrated in style my friend.

I xoxxo you.

Joseph said...

What a gift! To know you are loved so very much by so very many. Who could ask for more???

xox Joseph

Johnny GoFast said...

I hope you feel complete because I now feel incomplete. How can a man compete with a man like Brian? I hope the wifeage doesn't read this post. She'll feel ripped off. I need man lessons.

paige said...

Many happy returns, madam!!! An excellent birthday treat, it seems!

Anonymous said...

I love "Johnny GoFast"s request for man lessons! Too funny!
Happy birthday girl! I'm so glad you got pampered! what a great hubby!