Friday, October 31, 2014

it's hard to believe...

I sit here with the fire going and an empty house just me the hubs and the dogs!!


this photo is how I feel now -- calm and peaceful happy and tired... it's been a year!!

Harvest is done! the wines are sleeping with a few loose ends still to button up... the winery (while not totally done) was functional for harvest and it was an epic harvest!  The rains held off just long enough esp given the lack of roof on our crush pad and the fruit was beautiful this year!! 

special thanks to our founders and all the builders! - 
sometimes having 'no contingency plan' is how shit get's done - 
here's to your dedication and belief in us.

Here are some photos from the amazing fall we had I'm not sure I can even begin to tell the stories... the photos will have to do it for me as usual... thanks for checking in on us... we look forward to hosting all of you that can come for the thanksgiving wine weekend... and I'm hopeful we can get the finishing touches on the winery buttoned up so we can have an actual ribbon cutting when it's truly DONE!! ... coming soon...


 Till then I'm looking forward to more foraging walks in the woods with the hubs, and hopefully some time in my studio!.. and a lot of sleep ....

goatio took larry and I up in the lift to show us what a nice job she did installing the old 16 pane window in the barn. It's the original one from the house that we restored.

levi keepin an eye on things
beautiful Wirtz vineyard

the hubs stompin' grapes


this great press rolled in during harvest which was super nice : )

the boys were great helping me do the seeding on all the torn up ground from the construction!!  It took about 5 sessions and gave me a great 'break' during harvest to enjoy the farm and working the boys...

and last but not least ...  the harvest feast!!  always the meal of the year!! thank you Chef Tim ... you killed it!!!

the photos below of the harvest feast are curtsy of our dear friend Jeremy Fenske


thanks to the harvest crew ...  !!
 here's to you and all the amazing long hours and dedication! Thank you ALL

Tiffany, Aimee, Laura, Tiara,  Jeff,  Derick, Colin and Jeremy

may your tables be full of love!!

Friday, October 3, 2014

harvest is well underway!!

Harvest at big table farm has been full on and amazing... the grapes are beautiful!!!  first and foremost  - '14 is an epic year!- We've all been working our tails off... but the weather has been stunning and there have been some fabulous meals, great friends and even a special day when Mila and I snuck off to the beach!


the new crush pad is underway

Aimee Stompin'

Wirtz the morning of the pick... a beautiful morning with brian..

goatio is loving fall...

the new doors are in : ) 

some late nights are happening for sure...

a special day with Milena

a special 6 year vertical of WV pinot!! : ) 

an beautiful old vine at Wirtz

the yamhill barn when brian and I where out at the picks...

thanks Jeremy and Elaine for the beautiful lunch....

levi dog having a dirt nap...