Monday, August 30, 2010

the light is shifting on the farm

I'm not sure where summer went but I'm holding out for a long lazy transition into fall. These are some shots from sitting with the cows just savoring the evening light a few days ago... remembering to stop and take in the beauty for those fleeting evening hours....

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

bacon and bill

Our friend bill was out this weekend for some pork smoking! boy was that a nice visit. And I loved these sweet shots...

gratuitous cuteness

momma and 10 babies!! nice work lady!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's good to enjoy wine with swine ...

ps - there are still a few cases left of the laughing pig rose - available direct only -- before summer and this lovely wine are both gone...

the contenders for the 2008 Syrah Label!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

2009 pinot labels...

We will be bottling our 2009 Pinot and Riesling at the end of August and I'm almost done the drawings ... three down two to go these are for our 2009 Resonance Vineyard, Cattrall Vineyard and Willamette Valley

The cows are Haley and Ronnie - who is the first calf born at Big Table Farm!

The truck is a 1947 Ford owned and restored by Tom Cattrall - totally fun rig and yup he delivers the grapes in it! When I saw it roll up to deliver our grapes last harvest I said to Brian "that's it!- that's the label how can we NOT?"

And this is my favorite pig from the last batch of pigs 'pumpkin' she was a sweetie!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New additions!!

I'd like to introduce you to Ginger (named after the lovely ginger rogers a nod to the dancing cow farm that she came from) Ginger and Red Boy are the latest additions to Big Table Farm (although red boy is just on loan)

This is Jerre and Sean of Dancing Cow Farm in Prineville

and this is their beautiful herd...

a rightfully proud farmer!

Brian inspecting his herd after we got the new kids home : )

the cows seem quite content in there new pasture!!

Although Ronnie is not sure yet about the new kid on the block...

We also welcomed two new pigs for fall from our friends at Square Peg Farm

sniff ...and very sadly said good bye and thank you to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner - who where such charming pigs!!

end of July Friends and Family

The end of July has been FULL of visitors - Family first and I didn't manage a single shot - I must have been too busy keeping up with three very active boys .. then our friends the Griffith's and then The Hollidays... let's just say the animals got Loads of snacks and hummer get's the gold star for being 'uber patient and giving rides to ALL the kids!!

no ones gets' out of work on the farm charlie helped put up cow fence

and Steve fixed some plumbing issues left over from the previous visit from three boys and many many cups of laundry detergent that don't belong in a sink drain!

after that he helped us move the pig house!

chickens causing trouble and huston about to...

lucky Julia and I made some wild cherry jelly to share from the trees around the spring... : )