Thursday, December 25, 2008

winter morning

I wake under a dense pile of tightly woven wool blankets that press me into prolonged thick sleeps this time of year -

Slow deep steps as I head out on Christmas morning into the snow. Laden in layers of wool and heavy boots - the snow is packed into a dense path.

The cows bellow a muted call to me I scrap out the wet bedding and give them a full warm pile of hay and dark molasses coated sweet feed. The barn groans under the weight of the snow

The horses stand patiently in the deep snow guarded from the weather by there long layered coats as they watch me. The buckets of water pull my shoulders down as I slowly make it up the steep hill to their trough.

The snow like my blankets layering the farm into a prolonged slow time – I am grateful for this thick time – time that wraps you up and comforts you - restoring your energy for spring when the water will flow fast and furious summoning all the stored energy and time from winter.

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Unknown said...

You wrote this piece so beautifully, Clare, I could feel the weight pressing down. I love the feeling of being all snug under multiple blankets.... this is how I would sleep at Silver Lake, all snuggled down.

I send you WARM wishes for a balmy 2009.