Thursday, February 21, 2013

new painting

 I just finished a painting I've wanted to do for a long time : ) ... the title is 'ones mans dream, another's lifes work' it's for the carlton together cares auction and will be available at the auction on Sat March 2nd

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

ready for spring

the finished hive... : )  thank you laura!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

bitter - sweet

Two of my three hives seems to have been vacated this winter.. it's hard to know what happened - seems that I still have one of the three - but only time will tell there was certainly buzzing in the third hive this morning.

So I decided to bring in the honey from one of the hives and leave some honey for the neighbor as well as the wild bees. I observed the wild bees yesterday steeling honey and I followed there trial and found there hive it's a few hundred yards away in an old apple tree. They were making a bee-line to the vacated hives steeling honey to get them through the next month or so till the April blooms start. So I took one box for me and left two for any bees who might need it.

I also have put a new roof on the hive Laura gave me and gave it a paint job. I think I'll put this near the wild swarm as that's more than likely a swarm from one of my hives and they seem to like that spot. So I'll put this box near by that way when the spring swarm happens they have a 'bee approved' spot. We'll see I just keep trying to learn from these guys.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

it must be spring

the girls are getting going... spring feels very close...

Sunday, February 10, 2013

pearls before swine

I just got back from a very glamourous multi-day wine event in North Carolina - it was a wine auction called the triangle wine experience. Let me just say I was treated to some pretty amazing southern hospitality as well as some wines that were far outta my league hence the title of this blog post!! ... boy do those folks know how to throw a party - I was invited by Rock Star Chef Ashley Christensen and she hosted my winemaker diner at Poole's - she totally knocked it out of the park with the pairings... I'm sorry I have NO photos!! so lame given all the beauty that was around me...

so just three exaples of things I ate and drank that should set the stage for how things rolled over the last 5 days --

Pulled pork and '96 Margaux

Fried Chicken and '03 Dom Perignon

Mac, Cheese topped with Shaved Perigord Truffle and '88 Krug

I got to Raleigh wed in the evening and just got home and I pretty much ate and drank the entire time.. I did sneak in two work outs and tried not to eat too much... but I'm definitely back on the wagon now that I'm home!!


these people don't mess around!  there was a party hosted at a private home  the sushi that was being made there in front of us didn't stop all night! and these were just some of wines from friday night -- I was WAY out of my league but trying to not drink too much and pay attntion to all thee amazing once in a life time wines and learn as much as I could!! I had so much fun with these super nice folks and was honored to be included.

2011 Julian Haart Oghlisberg Riesling (I was VERY inspired by this wine)
2000 Pavie
2001 Torbreck Runrig (1.5L)
1995 Pegau CR (6L)
1994 Chapoutier Pavillon Hermitage (6L)
1990 Latour
1900 Joseph Roty Charmes Chambertin
2001 Usseglio Cuvee de Mon Aieul

Saturday, February 2, 2013

staying warm and enjoying the quiet

It's a mellow time of year - I've welcomed to cold days to do some catchin' up in the office (got 2012 taxes done!!) and sharpening our pencils for spring and summer projects here at the farm in the mean time the dogs wait for us to do something exciting... as you can see the karl the cat has become fully indoctrinated (clementine finally decided he was ok)

I've been making some Formage Blanc - from some of my raw milk from champoeg creamery  when it doesn't all get drunk in a week it's a great use for the extra (thank you Charlotte)  I have to keep up with brian with his sourkrout and salami making.. he's getting a little outta control with all his fermenting in the kitchen - eshh you'd think he get's enough at the winery! of course I'm just makin' noise everything he's made is super tasty : )   

the beautiful milk and my awaiting coffee : ) 

the left over whey has been thoroughly enjoyed by the chickens 

Brian's second batch of salami is even prettier! and he's refining the spices!

speaking of brian - as many of you know he barely tolerates the horses and wouldn't be caught dead on one (I have never in our almost 14 years together been able to get him to go on a ride with me till today!) amazing : )  I'm afraid this may be a rare sight but it was fun non the less .. he said I should NOT take his photo as I would ruin his reputation...  : ) too late...

hummer took good care of him : ) 

till next time - cheers : )