Sunday, July 22, 2012

the house is painted and the hay is in the barn!

It's been a busy few weeks...
We had lots of help and lots of fun getting some good work done.

Brian got the last two posts in the barn in place just as the last hay was coming in.


The hay pick up stretched over about a week and we picked up about 22 ton in total and got it all stacked in the barn with some great help from lots of friends and neighbors!! Thanks everyone!
note the vantage point of the above shot riding home on the stack of hay is indeed the most fun part of picking up hay in the neighboring fields.

'All In - and ready for winter'
and happily I made it through another year of picking up hay still able to walk : )


the house painting project in process! 

the dogs supervising 

and some shots around the farm as summer rolls on...

Petunia and Rose are fat and happy!

And Ronnie is looking beautiful and is enjoying his last week on the farm this coming week...  

sniff... a great life and one bad day...

thanks Erin for this lovely shot of Petunia

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

the end of an era

the pink is going away... yellow coming soon to a farmhouse near you! : )

this house painting project is in memory of June Harman - the house will be yellow the same as her farm house in napa - we love you June and miss you!

Monday, July 9, 2012

as summer rolls on work and play contunie to blend

So my fabulous husband has been busy working on the barn - fixing a few more posts to help us make more room and get ready for hay which really is coming -- truly... 

I think it may be ready the day I fly to California -- not really sure what brian will do about that ; )  ... well I'll be home Friday night so first thing Sat I think we'll be out there... 


when you are working on lots of projects sometimes lunch needs to just come to you...

In the mean time our neighbor joe came over again and helped us move cows, he's also been helping with lots of things mowing weed whacking and generally being super helpful!

these are just a gratuitous shots of the bee hives  and horses - I'm clearly doing chores with an i-phone in my pocket : )

So we went into Clyde Common on Thursday to taste though all the wines for the outstanding in the field dinner with chris it was a little too much fun! Thank you Chris!!

my adorable husband in the field with the big table at the outstanding dinner : )  is that rose under your arm or am I just happy to see you!!

this years Outstanding Crew!! So great to get to know them!!

  and some adorable cows in the pretty summer pasture!  - happy summer

Saturday, July 7, 2012

a summer evening

we had a lovely winemaker dinner last night with some wine collectors and friends! Had to share the evening light... it truly is summer!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

only a few seats left!!

Big Table Farm is teaming up with our good friends Chris DiMinno and Outstanding in the field ! We will be hosted by Stargazer Farm this year!!!

You may remember Chris (of Clyde Common) he's been out to the farm to cook for some memorable meals as well as done an epic Outstanding int he Field dinner with us three years ago!! We also Flew to NYC with him to pour our wines for his James Beard Dinner!! Chris is a fablous chef and a great friend!

We will be pouring a beautiful line up of our wines and will even be pouring a very special pre-release wine that won't be available till spetember!

We are super excited -- This time it's not at our farm but a farm out in Sandy called Stargazer Farm!

 don't miss out!! Saturday July 7, 2012 - TIME: 4 PM you can go here for tickets!!