Thursday, January 27, 2011

From The weekend

Christina took some photos and even a little video (below) this weekend of driving the boys thought I'd share...

Monday, January 24, 2011

a little help from friends!

So last week was a rough week I got very sick with the flu and felt like my world was crashing in around me between the puppies that have taken over my life and the farm chores that weren't getting done. Like animals needing fresh pasture and things being generally muddy and gray...

I started feeling better Friday afternoon and it was none to soon for brian ...
Then Saturday the sun came out like I haven't seen it in a long while !! it was fabulous !! So friday I was able to get my ponies in a new pasture although it did take about 6x's as long as it should have with still being a bit sick... then sat we got the chickens moved and the first pup (Rudy) went to his new home (a great home at that) so at this point things were definitely getting better!!!

Then sunday some friends show up and help us get the goats to a new pasture with lots of their favorite food blackberry! man are they happy now!! It's so nice to have new fresh enthusiastic help on the farm makes it not seem like such drudgery! so now all the animals are on new fresh pasture and we have one less puppy I'd say a great weekend!

I even got to work the boys with christina who helped my move the goats! Thanks guys! and here's to what looks like will be a dry week!! yippie... now to get the dude and lilli into good homes spread the word if you know of one!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday night out with Big Table Fam and Ned Ludd!!

it's a 'wine salon' in other words an open discourse with winemakers and industry folks ... pairing our Riesling, Both '09 Pinots and our '07 Syrah with Jason French's brilliance in the kitchen! it will be a very nice evening... industry $35 non $55 e-mail jess at nedluddpdx for more info

Monday, January 17, 2011

I seriously can NOT finish a book

First reason for my inability to finish a book is I don't have any time for reading these days with runnign a farm, winery and graphic design business and secondly I'm the worlds slowest reader - more often than not if I do read it's non fiction (cooking or farming related) and I climb into bed with every intention to read for a bit and 99% of the time Brian peals the book off my face... so when my sister in law sent my a novel about some writer gone farmer although I was touched I have VERY low expectations of ever actually reading said book... so when I was packing to go to LA with Brian I tossed it in my bag just for kicks...I started reading on the plane ride down and read about 1/2 the book!!! and I think I cried or laughed on the plane 5 or so times I pity the person who sat next to me who I can't remember because I was reading! (there was certainly NO time for reading once we got there) but I was actually looking foward to ghe flight home too keep reading... and much to my own shock and brian's too I finihsed that book on the flight home... I was a slobbery mess as I walked off the plane finishing up the last pages in the jetway (which I won't spoil for you) -- so I'll just say I felt more than just a little simpitica with this woman and LOVED this book and highly recommend it ... thanks sally and alex xxx c

thanks to my family

They farm sat for us !! sooo Brian and I got to get away for the weekend (it's been since around this time last year we were both off the farm together - it was a wine tasting event but it was off the farm and both of us at the same time and in a hotel room and two count 'em two nights out with just the two of us.. it was lovely! and much needed... in the mean time the pups and the farm were in the care of my sister in law brother and there two beautiful kids... I don't think anyone suffered lack of love...

Monday, January 10, 2011

puppy update

Rudy is now sold. Congrats Rudy I'm excited about your new home. You are welcome to come back and visit. xx

Sunday, January 9, 2011

our catahoulas puppies are for sale (sniff sniff)

The Puppies are finally officially for sale - It was so hard to chose but we have settled on Levi. (please contact me - clare at bigtablefarm dot com - for serious inquires regarding owning one of these very special pups - there pedigree can be seen here)

there are three dogs available - Lilli, Rudy and the Dude (I assume the new owners will re-name)

Lilli - Is the smartest pup in the litter IMO - she's a spit fire - I think she will do well as the queen of her castle.. I think she will make an excelent working dog with her energy adn quick thinking.. she's also very sweet and I think will be a VERY loyal dog. I'd like to see this dog go to someone who has owned working dogs.

This is Rudy - He is hands down the sweetest of the four dogs and the most loving and people oriented - He's the biggest dog of the litter and VERY laid back and beta - He's a comfort seeking lover and will be a wonderful pet.

This is the Dude - He's the dog I almost kept - He's also very people oriented. He's smart and athletic I think he's a dog that will rise to just about any occasion. He's got eyes that look right through you. He's smart but seems like he will be very eager to please and nice to train.

This is Levi who we will be keeping here at Big Table Farm - We think he will be a good working dog.

Monday, January 3, 2011

the Prince

The 'prince of pinot' is Rusty Gaffney and he writes a very well regarded pinot only newsletter called the PinotFile and he has written some very nice reviews of our wines over the last year and he has just included us in his end of year "All American" list these are his top eleven wines (ten producers) coming out of Oregon in 2010!! Big Thanks again to Rusty!

Once again very grateful to be recognized for our work and most importantly we hope you are enjoying the wines!!! here's to more great wines in 2011...

Big Table Farm Resonance Vineyard Yamhill-Carlton District Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 94 cases, $45 Rich, deep, brooding dark red fruits with a savory underpinning of chanterelle mushrooms, loamy earth and cardamom spice. This wine has impressive intensity on the mid palate, a pillowy texture, and a finish like a three hour movie you don’t want to end. Still a little closed, seemingly possessing more hidden charm waiting to get out. Cellar this wine for at least two years for ultimate gratification. Love the low alcohol (13.1%). A very heavenly and sensual pleasure.

the other wineries in the top 10 line up!! congrats to everyone!!

Antica Terra


Lange Estate

Laura Volkman

Lenné Estate

Privé Vineyard le nord

Shea Wine Cellars

St. Innocent White Rose

White Rose Estate

Saturday, January 1, 2011

4 years and counting...

Happy 2011 - This is the official 4 year anniversary of this blog we are now entering the 5th year of blogging - so wait does that make this my 5th year anniversary??

This morning I woke up to a new year, cute puppies (and husband) and the heard of elk in our back field... I headed out for a closer look and also to actually run them off that field as we've spent a lot of time and money on that field and it's to wet for any livestock this time of year domestic or wild... so they needed to move along... They let me get surprisingly close I seriously think they know when you don't have a gun I of course was armed only with my camera.

in honor of the anniversary post thought I'd re-post some observations from those first few months of living here at Big Table Farm (posted jan 1 2007 - title 'you know you live on a farm when...') amazingly most still hold true! I did take the liberty to make some 2011 additions...

On transportation
- you get really excited when you see the bull dozer on the road it means your getting new gravel and less potholes...2011 I've learned to buy the cheapest tires possible as you go through about one set per year on gravel
- when you give directions to your place you give mileage from when you hit the gravel road not streets to turn on...2011 the GARMAN is WRONG dont' trust it on gravel roads or you may end up hopelessly lost in the back woods of Oregon.
-You give serious thought leaving home during a big storm because you may come home to getting out the chain saw before you can get down your road... 2011 and you wonder why you still don't own a 4 wheel drive vehicle
- You realize the two tone paint job from the dirt road on your car is here to stay... 2011 YUP
-You never thought you’d be driving you hybrid with shotgun shells rattling around behind your seat…2011 and you car would permanently smell like a barn
- when you make a trip “to town” you make it count! 2011 and it's a good idea to get off the farm at least once a week and see beings on two feet
- Your husband puts his rusty old jeep in the front yard and you really don’t care - 2011 - the jeep has been upgraded to a second rusty vehicle and you now think it's charming - hell you liked it so much you did a painting of it

On Heat
- The wood stove is king ... 2011 and insulation is the prince.. no wait my husband is the prince for putting it in!
- Splitting wood is fun the first few times … 2011 and a PTO driven wood splitter is an excellent purchase
- You learn the maul is NOT where you go for shoes it’s what you use @ 7am on a Sunday morning when the fire burned down too far for a big log and you need some kindling… shin guards are recommended - 2011 you get all your wood split and stacked and in the wood shed in the SUMMER!

On Power and other modern conveniences
- When there are 5 houses in your canyon and the other 4 have generators take note because the rest of the county gets turned on long before you do. 2011 - the generator is very good insurance
- You learn when you loose power it’s not heat that’s the problem it’s water most well’s require power !! who knew ... 2011 water filters are good when you have a well and wells do need maintenance... and brown water coming out of your tap before you are about to have 10 people over for dinner makes things fun... and I won't even start on the brand new septic system Brian and I put in!
- The mail lady knows your dogs name and nags you about the “accessibility” of your mil box due to the road being washed out... 2011 and she literally hikes through snow to bring Christmas presents.. and the ups guy well just saw him at the bar in town (the one horse tavern) when we stopped in for a beer... yup we know him well...
- Going on-line for internet faster than the phone line consists of driving up the gravel road and parking where I get cell coverage and looking like a spy as I work on my laptop in the car. 2011 satellite my only option for decent internet ain't so bad after all and now we have wi fi in the house.. bonus no passwords necc no one is close enough to poach...
- The wood stove IS also a very valuable cook surface ... 2011 and I will say I've mastered the stock pot
- Hot water bottles are one of man’s greatest inventions... 2011 humm I may go get some water going for one right now...

Other things I’ve noted
- It’s quiet... I mean really quiet! 2011 - not as quiet now as I've acquired lots of animals that like to remind me of there presence every time I walk outside
- I can see sky from every window... 2011 and who's gonna clean these stinkin' windows anyway?
- Our friends still visit which is amazing!-- 2011 - still true... thanks to all for the company love and friendship!

I hope everyone has a happy and prosperous 2011... cheers!