Friday, October 25, 2013

loved this photo I had to post it...

this shot was featured in virtuosolife magazine nov/dec issue with a nice write up on big table farm  : ) it just captures summer to me   : )

here's the link to the article

and the photo is by brown cannon - 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

a thank you...

Harvest is wrapping up... are we done? .... well not quite yet.. Brian still hasn't had a day off yet but the days are not quite so long... 

We had our annual thank you harvest dinner this past Saturday.. and quite frankly there are a few more folks I still need to thank  but I needed to call it at 25 people... perhaps next year we'll have to have it up in our new hopefully soon to be built winery to make more room : ) ... It was a beautiful feast thanks chef Alex and the beautiful Kia for doing such a great job with the meal..  thanks Tiffany and Michael for sharing your photos... : )

beautiful handmade pasta

chanterelles and porcini I found in the woods

the tables ready for the party

the prep ...

our chefs : ) 

Friday, October 18, 2013

a beautiful day - a few weeks back

We hosted a great group of folks for a day at the farm of food and wine it was a really special day and our friend chef Alex did a beautiful job with all farm fare - everything for the meal came from the woods, pasture and garden of big table farm

Friday, October 11, 2013

there is a light at the end of the tunnel

Just as the fall light shifts the last of the grapes are rolling in... 

we are in the final weeks of harvest now - It has been a 'tough harvest' not for lack of quality in the fruit -- only because it hit hard and fast and required quick and flexible movements on the part of the whole team in the winery and the picking crews - fruit had to be picked and processed at a moments notice  as mother nature was particularly fickle this year ... but with all that I think the wines will be beautiful and elegant -- we had a beautiful long even warm summer that will show in the '13  vintage and we got 80%+ of our fruit in BEFORE the rain - I think the 13's will be more like a 10 - 11 in alc but I think we are going to have VERY nice spice and soft tannin - but of course only time will tell...

on the other hand the rains have given us the perfect mushroom conditions!! thanks jeremy and elaine and laura for bringing all these beauties in from our woods and sharing with big table... we've had lots of chanterells in soup sauteed on chicken and steak you name it...  yum!! and that one above is a queen bolete ! - yum!!

We've had some great folks helping out for harvest!! thanks to all that have volunteered to sort fruit and stomp!!!

also on one last note we've been getting some nice press of late from both the 
SF Chronicle and a nice mention from Eric Asimov from the NY Times : )