Thursday, July 10, 2008

laughing pigs and dancing chickens


Well it looked like we where getting ready for the Apocalypse at Big Table Farm yesterday...
we picked up our home grown birds from kookoolanfarms who butchered them for us and they looked beautiful... I took beautiful plump fluffy white birds and got back this gorgeous clean meat! hum I could get used to this : )


When we got them home we hung them in the wine cellar and then today we baged them up in vacuum sealed freezer bags .

.. I'm looking forward to having our first one tomorrow night with some friends... yum!

gotta love a summer evening

My Friend Duane gave me a hook up on some really nice Hay he baled up last week! So we happily went over and picked up about 2.5 tons from the field...

Duane is his style of course showed us how you really pick up hay (you don't : ) you let he machine do it for you!...

Jessicca was putting away some of the horses when we got to duanes place - he's in full swing getting ready for show season! If you live locally you can see his gorgeous shiers strutting their stuff at any of these shows...

We received some bounty from our Friends Herb and Jennifer Lamb down in Napa - hummm some CA wines for our summer party yumm.. thank you!! you guys are too much!

There is more wine news but I'm going to post after I get the official word -- but looks like the laughing pig will be by the glass in Napa this summer... more details soon!! : ) .. how's that for a cliff hanger... Big Love from Big Table

Monday, July 7, 2008

cute animals

It's 11:15pm and I gotta go to bed so tonight just a little writing and mostly pictures as I've resorted to a lot lately..... We got some help from our " nearly neighbors" at kookoolanfarms processing our meat chickens.. it was time for them to go into the freezer about a week ago ... and 11birds was just more than I wanted to handle.. as my disclaimer for not being uber farm girl and doing it my self - I've killed plenty of chickens at this point I know how - this was not a question of knowledge it was all about time and energy, obviously feeling like I should have done it my self .- sigh I just need to get over that.... it was one of those weeks where getting someone else to do it for me was defiantly a great idea!! I was also just really happy to visit kookoolan as I'd heard much about them... I was graciously treated to a farm tour and I got to buy some RAW goat and cow milk which was worth the price of admission right there! I can't wait to try some... I was laden with gifts when I left.. I love fellow farmers... : )

here are some big table farm photos of our cute pigs (also just about "ready") and the cows looking sweet

and finally two classic ones of the dogs of some friends who where dinner guests Davis and Bob .. as you can see the dogs where right at home! : )

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thanks to the first few sticking thier necks out!

Well Our Laughing Pig Rose is now officially being poured or sold at the following places! There are a few more that I'm hoping to ad to this list next week but this list is not too shabby and I'm very grateful to our early supporters. cheers!

Pastaworks and City Market NW - Thank you Peter

The Carlton Tasting Room
- Thank you Sara and Jay

- Thank you John

ten -01 - Thank you Erica

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

BIG NEWS - NO REALLY!! this IS big

So this morning the Robert Parker Newsletter came out...

for non-wino's this guy is THE reviewer he makes or breaks wines the world over, even to get on his radar and get a review is HUGE!! a good review is even better...

He's a consumer advocate his publication is called the Wine Advocate and he has no advertising.. he just tastes and rates .. that's it you're in or not ... so we sent in our syrah a little over a month ago and just crossed our fingers that he would notice us..

sooo we got a review and not only that we got a VERY respectable score... and the review that went along with it was well you can read for your self!!

Brian Marcy makes this wine, which comes from the White Hawk Vineyard in Santa Barbara County. Dense purple, with the nose exhibiting blackberry and acacia flower notes, this 2006 Syrah has good acidity, medium to full body, and beautiful purity and length. Amazingly, this wine was made in two lots - one with 75% whole clusters and the second lot completely destemmed. The wine is superb, drinks well already, but should age nicely for another 5-6 years.

rating 90 points

$55 per bottle

I'm just grinning from ear to ear.. my awesome husband has so earned this!! So now off to the races!!! our Syrah is now officially released!!! and it's first coming out makes me damn proud!!!

Rock Band hits Big Table

"way to hip for a farm..."

So my friend Jason plays in a band called diegos umbrella
and They are really freggin great ... go check out their site ... they are actually about to go on a European tour and share there awesome music far and wide... They also just have a blast when they perform which I loved ... they are really talented and an absolute pleasure to see so if they are coming to your town .. don't miss out : )

so after they played a great show in Portland they came out to big table...

the band rig

They spent the night and in the am ate a big ol' farm breakfast and then took a hike and met all the animals.. as you can see much fun was had...

Edward is not too sure about these guys

ahh the daises !

around the farm news...

we have some new babies two little flocks of babies one hen managed 2 babies and the other 7 nice work girls...

Josephine is warming up a little bit more each day she is now eating out of my hand... : ) her mouth is sooo soft and cute : ) ...

the meat birds are just about ready to go into the freezer and the garden is commign along nicely now that we have some nice warm weather...

Here are some photos from the beautiful wedding of Maia and Kevin Congrats guys!! big love from Big table to you both...

Maia made her dress and she was just beautiful for lack of a better word! and I got the honor to marry them...

the beautiful Porter and Elsa!!

The Smoker came down thanks to Scott and Kim !!! and pitched in on the cooking part once we all got there ... the meat was amazing!! nice work people!... : )