Sunday, November 30, 2008

too many boys around here

I've been putting off - getting a few of my "extra" roosters into the pot as there have just been too many other urgent things to do - well as of 4am this morning the roosters just made them selves more urgent - they've been crowing for a while now but they've been staying up in the barn in a little man herd - but this morning they decided to make a pilgrimage down to the house and all 4 of them sounded like they where IN my bedroom this morning - I hate to see them go as they are quite glam but I won't hate to hear them go - bye boys it's been real - coq au vin anyone?


chou-chou said...

yum! I love coq au vin! Sorry boys, but a girl's gotta sleep.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the boys have lasted as long as they have!


Clare Carver said...

humm is this Monique : ) I bet YOU are happy there gone : )