Tuesday, June 24, 2014

things are rolling!

Today we poured the stem walls!!! Larry's crew will pull forms tomorrow and start laying out all the lines for the slab looking to pour that by early next week and then the timbers... we were hoping for a raising on the 4th but looks like at this point the july 10 - 11th... there will be a big announcement - I promise !!  things are going really well !! Every one is working hard and getting creative to build something beautiful on a tight budget... I hooked up the horses to make the work area for the timber framers as smooth as we could and Larry decided to try his hand at workin' the team.. turns out this guy really can do anything : )   of course goatio continues to supervise the entire project and is doing an excellent job as job foreman !

also in farm news a shot out to my friend sarah who helped me to gather up the bull again this year -- this is the third year in a row she has helped me pen up the bull (and castrate calves) ... in the words of a certain cowboy we rounded him up with a butterfly net : ) thanks sarah you ARE the ultimate cowgirl!!!  now charlie is safely in the barn he'll have to have a little time out from the ladies till august when he can go back to his job of gettin' his game on... : )

Friday, June 20, 2014

it's not all cows... : )

We are actually building a winery ... we've passed two foundation inspections now  - Footings are poured and now the stem wall is getting poured this tuesday!!  The big timbers should be coming from storage where they have been carefully stored over to the site in the next week!! and the sips will start to get cut to size!! As soon as I have a sense of when the timber raising will happen - I'll post all the big news here!! -- we are shooting for the first week in july!! but more info as this next week unfolds!!  Goatio is doing a great job keeping everyone in line and is pleased with the progress 



Amid the project I took a sales trip to seattle as well as have been finding time with my girlfriends for some rides : )  very necessary these days!

  the babies are doing well and we are still waiting on the last three!! : ) 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

dreamy afternoon

I've been a little under the weather but not too much to snap some shots of the cows on summer pasture...

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Josephine had her baby friday night : )

So happy to have another girl from Josephine... this is Coco Chanel ...  : ) 

so far we have Martha Grahm (she is from the dancing cow line: ) and coco chanel... some pretty amazing and beautiful women

Thursday, June 5, 2014

First baby of 2014 came today !

born at 8:45 am  - nice work Lady! - it's a heifer ... name coming soon... 

and the forms are in!! ready for concrete (well almost steel is next)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

starting to feel like summer!!

Things on the farm are pretty nice right now - Picked a boatload of strawberries with my sweetie last night at a friends farm!! it was VERY nice evening  - the cows are imminently pregnant - and we are busy as ever with visitors but selling lots of wine - which is GREAT!! 

and I'm MAKING time to paint!! 

I also flew to Pasadena for a winemaker dinner which was VERY nice got to see some family too! : ) 

... truth be told the best part was come home and ride my horses !! 


6"x 6"

12" x 12"

 note machete on my saddle for brush clearing... : )