Monday, December 22, 2008

My crazy brother

Well many roads are closed - I haven't seen a single vehicle on our road today not even our fearless mail lady - Brad my UPS guy called and he's not commin' either - there is mandatory chain use on all roads and they recommend NO ONE drive - so what does Joseph do he hopps in a 4wd jeep he borrowed and put on the chains and headed out to my house! to bring what ever we needed - so if he was gonna risk life and limb I was gonna give him a grocery list! so he arrived - amazingly- and with arm load s of things that I was very happy to have - Thanks for coming all the way out Joseph is was nice to see you and I DO hope you make it home safely!!!!

Andy cat enjoying some WARM milk : )

The goats are staying warm with Edward in thier shed!

The smoker is nto so hot today! : )

We're sreving snow for lunch today!

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Oma3 said...

This makes me very happy to be in my warm and cozy apartment, although I do miss the beauty of the snow. Have a blessed Christmas.