Friday, July 20, 2007

Custom made

Today there was a new (to him) truck belonging to Will on the farm I'll have to say it looks pretty sweet from the inside out... and many thanks to Will's Uncle Joseph for the assistance in driving around finding this one!

Mary and Eoin are also visiting it'sbeen a very nice visit.

We all got inspired this afternoon by the fresh peas in the garden, eggs from the girls and of course brians homemade panchetta ... we made homemade pasta carbonara... wow was it nice and tons of fun... Brian would have been proud! (he's out of town)

Speaking of Brian he's down in Napa picking up our newsest addition to the farm a 50's John Deere Crawler... (which we found last week on our visit) Brian and I are excited to have something to use on the hills that will be a bit safer than maggie the massy... maggie will be our work horse but this crawler should help us with the hill work...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

eggs and young men

What do these two things have in common?

... they have both arrived at the farm...

My nephew Will, has come to Big Table to work for about 6 weeks. He's been a great help so far..
among many of the farm projects Will has done... he has: worked in the gardens, watered trees, cleared brush, moved goat pens, chipped burn piles and helped b chop down a tree... He's been very busy and I'm sure will go home to Wisconsin thinking this farming thing is for the birds... : )

And our hens are finally starting up we are only 4 eggs a day at the moment (I'm hoping for closer to 15-20 but I know I must be PATIENT!!!) it's exciting to see them starting to come in though! : ) go hens go!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

On the being grateful side

Porter rocks! without your girl friend would just be sad and empty!!!. she just came to visit for 4 days and pretty much saved my ass... remember that pathetic "poor me" post .. well between pampering me with an amazing spa day and hanging around in Portland together she also worked in my garden , planted some of my poor suffering plants and was my hands, shoulder and general pick you up off the floor friend for 4 days!! I love you darlin' THANK GODNESS for you!!!

what a 4th...

We had a completely impromptu 3rd and 4th and amazingly everyone brought just what we needed... Thank you everyone for coming that was the least work (none to be exact) I've ever done for a 20 person BBQ at my house ! .. Thanks to all for such a fun party and happy birthday to Roisin!!

(Brian having fun)

(Thanks Alex for all the grilling)

(Thanks Joseph for the tomatoes, berries and onions)

(this photo thanks to joseph!)

(even chief enjoyed the berry cobbler)

Porter thanks for doing (all the things I couldn't!!)

(the ice cream makin' was so fun and yummy!! thanks Laura)

(Thanks Christina for braving allergies to pick wildflowers)

(this photo thanks to joseph!)