Sunday, December 28, 2008

next years wine label

I've started drawing next years wine label - here's a hint - yes it will be letterpress again - as crazy as that is - what can I say it's just so darn beautiful -

My chickens have rebelled with the snow ! now that it's melted they are MUCH happier!! they where laying a pathetically few number of eggs I was loosing about $8 a day in organic feed with there very sad output - ahh well that's non factory farming for you - I'll get mine when the spring flush comes I know -

At least we get to enjoy the eggs even if I have very few to sell this time of year : )

Brian made a very nice Christmas breakfast! With Upstate NY syrup (not ALL good syrup comes from Vermont people! ) Home grown and home cured bacon and of course eggs from the girls :) - thanks brian


ferenge mama said...

wow - that looks delish!

That Brian sure is a nice guy to have around. Handy AND a good cook. Definitely a keeper.

carver family said...


It's all fun and games until the barn falls down!! Sheesh - Brian you are a superhero!