Sunday, December 29, 2013

the great press piles up and the barn comes down!!

We got a couple great christmas gifts from the press...

First Eric Asimov of The York Times wrote an article featuring the top 10 Oregon wines of the 2011 vintage! We were honored to be included in this stellar review and this great line up!!  

congrats to our neighbors too   -  Beaux Frères, Bethel Heights, Big Table Farm, Brick House, Evening Land, The Eyrie Vineyards, Erath Vineyard, St. Innocent, Soléna


A super nice video review from the Wine is Serious Buisness guys  : )
A nice review  from Sarah Egeland on the serious eats web site  - Ask a Sommelier: The Best Wines to Pair With a Holiday Roast : ) love that the riesling got some air time... I love this wine!!

Something rich, but with lots of acid. Big Table Farm has a really great unfine/unfiltered Riesling that would be outstanding with this. —Sarah Egeland (Smallwares)

While all those nice things were being said we've been busy little beavers around the farm. We got a ton of help from our friends Duane and Chuck who have been deconstructing our old barn ...


I say de-constructing not demolishing... this is a much slower less fun process that is very labor intensive and requires much more care and thought in order to save every last savable nail and piece of wood and scrap of tin from the roof. We hope to save, re-use and upcycle everything we possibly can. While this has been happening we've also been doing a ton of clean up and purging as well as getting all the winery plans ready for county submission and into engineering!! things are moving ... it's overwhelming and great  all at the same time!!


thanks again duane and chuck!! 

Monday, December 9, 2013

the 'official' start of the winery project

So Brian and I have been working closely with Jonathan Orpin of New Energy Works for almost a year now on the design and plan of our winery project. Jonathan and his team have helped us develop the designs and drawings for both the barn (in process) and the winery soon to be started!

Today we signed a contract for the timber frame and put down the earnest money so jonathan can order the wood and get the shop drawings started! I think my pen was shaking today with anticipation, excitement and fear as we take this next big leap!

Thank you Jonathan for your patience with us thus far and all your enthusiasm and dedication to our winery project! Your belief in us and friendship means so much! 

Our founders cuvee label along with our other 2012 labels are being printed in the coming week!!

I think this is one of the prettiest wines brian has ever made!! The Drawing of the hand tools on the label is a homage to timber frame construction - and to things made beautiful by creative hands!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

love each other and drink good wine this holiday season

thanks for yet another beautiful photo Jeremy!! 

a little cold snap ain't nothin'

farm livin is the thing for me!
thawin’ pipes and shootin coons outta the tree
breaking ice or drianin’ hoses which will it be

oh the choices on a sunday afternoon
stokin’ the fire and howlin’ at the moon
loving my man and hoping the thaw comes soon

and even if my toes are cold
I love this farm and I’m totally sold
I’m livin’ the dream no need to be paroled!