Wednesday, December 24, 2008


So according to calls I got when we did have phone service (which we lost a few days ago) there are packages for us in town. Some are at the local market and some at the feed store they where left there by Fed Ex and UPS - It's kind of sweet in a small town kind of way - but not all that sweet 'cause we cant' get to town to get them

But what's even sweeter is Our Mail Lady is a ROCK star!!! She came again today and the roads are UGLY people!! - YES it is snowing AGAIN we're getting another 4-8 inches projected today!!! she had her husband with her to help out and what team they are bringing all us snowed in folks our Christmas cheer!!!

So thanks to her we got Christmas packages from Porter, Mom and Dad and Johnny go fast!! I cant' wait to open them tomorrow!! - we also got more net-flix movies!! yippie ! so now I'm just hoping the power stays on and it's a very Merry Christmas for us a Big Table Farm!!!

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