Sunday, November 30, 2008

too many boys around here

I've been putting off - getting a few of my "extra" roosters into the pot as there have just been too many other urgent things to do - well as of 4am this morning the roosters just made them selves more urgent - they've been crowing for a while now but they've been staying up in the barn in a little man herd - but this morning they decided to make a pilgrimage down to the house and all 4 of them sounded like they where IN my bedroom this morning - I hate to see them go as they are quite glam but I won't hate to hear them go - bye boys it's been real - coq au vin anyone?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanks again to Sara and Duane for a fun Sunday!

I went over to Duane's Sunday to play Sara was taking photos and I joined her - We did a little clean up and Duane and one of his old buddies drove the manure spreader what a great piece of equipment! so good for the earth in every way - Then when we where done Sara and I took a drive at the end of the day in the forcart with tucker and Sara gave me some great driving lessons - so fun and I learned a ton as usual! Thanks as always guys for teaching me so much!!

Thes photos below are Sara VanDyke's beautiful Shots

thanks to the girls

Well Maia and Myra are in their respective freezers - thanks To Peter for buying Maia - Brian has made (or is in process on) sausage, prosciutto pancetta and Ham and the rest of the cuts are all packed up for enjoying over the next 6 months ! Everyting went perfectly and I'm filled with gratitude.

Maia having a good sratch on my leg she loved to do this and would almost knock me over as she was about 300lbs!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm kind of sad tonight...

tomorrow will be Maia and Myra's last day -
I hung out with them this evening and brought them some snacks.. I may take some photos on them in the morning...

these girls are by far my favorite pigs so far they are so personable they come running as fast as thier fat little legs can carry them when ever they here me coming... and rub on me for scratches and grunt happily... sigh.. well as Brian's aunt said a very good life and one bad day.. as usual they will be happily munching eggs tomorrow afternoon and hopefully will feel no pain.

Thank you girls for being part of our farm you have brought me lots of joy and Thank you for feeding us too. We don't partake lightly.

Monday, November 17, 2008

brian's back

Brian got his first day off in well over two months yesterday and he spent all day working around the farm with me it's great to have him back. It's been a super harvest from a winemaking perspective so even though it was long and drawn out the end result is a good one. So the wines are finally sleeping and I get my husband back.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

some fun photos from my friends at Coats and Whitney

I have been working with Norma and Jack aka Coats and Whitney on thier lable and marketing materials and we've had a lot of fun and become friends since... they invited us just before harvest to a dinner in thier vineyard just outside Yamhill which was a lot of fun... they also came out the the farm for a dinner this summer. Some day I hope to have our own vineyard dinner - but gotta get the vines in the ground first : )

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A shout out for ODHBA

I went to a meeting today of the "Oregon draft horse breeders association" I felt honored and humbled to be in the company of all these "seasoned" horseman and women I'm very excited to be welcomed into this group - note: all you local blog readers I'll be posting all the ODHBA events here they are AWSOME!! it's a great way to come and see these amazing horses plowing, pulling and generally being there big beautiful strong selves : ) - I went to the meeting today with Duane and Sarah who I've talked about on the blog - both of them are accomplished horse people and have tought me a lot but oh there is so much more to learn which makes it fun! I'm giddy with the thought of possibly putting hummer on a plow this spring... and getting Huston hooked up too ! I better get some more miles on the training tire Duane made for me in the mean time : ) - in the mean time a note of thanks to Duane and Sarah for their mentorship and friendship!! here's to many more happy years with horses!! thanks guys!

a new color

I haven't posted much about this but since breaking my arms Brian encouraged me to study a martial art to learn better balance and body awareness as well as learn how to fall with out getting hurt. So it's been a little over a year now that I've been studying the Shaolin Kempo a Martial Art and I'm really enjoying it - just tested for my next rank and now I'm a blue belt - this is my 4th test and is the beginning of study in my 5th rank of blue belt. The Lama better watch out or I'll do a spinning back kick on his ass : ) .. actually I wouldn't do that to Edward and besides I think he's still faster than me : )

Monday, November 3, 2008

the paintings from this weekend -

(copyright 2008 Clare Carver - please do not down load these images)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

our latest addition

I'd like to introduce you to our newest addition -

I did some painting this weekend as I'm aiming to get new paintings to both Carlton and to my gallery in Sonoma - there's art a happenin' -and Clementine is helping : )

June and Nancy came for a nice visit this past week it's was great to spend time with both of them thanks ladies for the visit!!

This is to Joseph who last night reminded me of seasons... Thank you -

long shadows cast across my field

the light shifting

I think of things I have already tucked away and those still strewn out there waiting for me

I carry arm fulls but some fall - I can't drop all I'm carrying for the sake of those

harvest in her abundance carries bitterness and waste

I watch helpless as once precious spring seeds slip through my fingers

those carefully tended and loved dreams of summer left to rot the field

once round and full they darken and fall away from the vines, deflated and bitter

I will rest for winter

I must trust - knowing they are my spring soil

adding strength and richness that is both mysterious and complex

next years growth will reflect the letting go of this one -

nothing is ever lost