Tuesday, December 16, 2008

it's 15 degrees people!!

yup we are in the middle of record cold and snow here in the Portland area - we are working hard to keep our house warm enough to keep any more pipes from freezing - my laundry room pipes are frozen - so no washing machine for me and who knows what will happen to those pipes when things thaw! It's a balmy 55 degrees inside right now and that's in the part of the house we are heating!! I sit here on the couch in two sweaters a hat, scarf and covered in a wool blanket - the lap top is actually the warmest thing on me right now : )

The animals are all doing well - in fact maybe a little to well every one is looking pretty fat as I've been feeding LOTS of extra hay to keep them warm and they are enjoying that perhaps a little too much. The only hard part is keeping up with there water luckily some very smart person put a hot water spigot on the outside of the house right next to where the hot water heater is so I can get super hot water in the am for filling up buckets of hot water to melt the iced over critter water.

It looks like we will be getting more snow tomorrow. We went into town today to grocery shop and mail out a few packages for Christmas - I don't think we will be going out again till we absolutely have to as the roads are a sheet of ice with no thaw in sight till maybe after Christmas! We did pick up some chains for the Honda so that will help on our next provisioning run.

Stay warm and if anybody has an extra pair of those fingerless gloves I can wear in the house and still type the blog feel free to send them on : ) - Big Love - Clare

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ferenge mama said...

wow - that is WAY too cold. and here I am griping that it's freezing my ass off at 30 degrees (with a well-heated house I might add). What a pansy I am.