Monday, December 22, 2008

This ones for you Johnny!

So John your always saying how Brian makes all men look bad - well I hate to brag but he did it again today ...

So as I snored away in my deep winter sleep Brian woke up with a start at about 3 am to the sound of a building falling down - he of course jumps outta bed grabs a flash light and looks to see if our barn which was staggering under the weight of the snow on it's roof yesterday had fallen - the barn already was not doing well and yesterday all this snow helped it to roll off a post and start to list heavily!- Thankfully it was not our barn but last night - sadly two of our neighbors lost barns to the weight of the snow ! so First thing this morning while I was doing chores Brian grabs about 30foot of chain and a come-along and braces two of the poles to stop the listing then go goes to his shed and appears with a jack a 10" x 10" post about 12 foot long, a steel plate for footing, a saw and a few other necessary items to save a falling down barn and with in an hour had put in a post under the west side of the barn and thus averting disaster - If your gonna be snowed in for a week on a farm there's one one guy to be snowed in with let me tell you - Thanks Brian - in the mean time we have well over 2 feet of snow which is crazy for us and we're thankful that the power is still on - we have lost the phone line - but I got my internet : ) - so lots of wood and wine and a warm bed - you know it johnny!

The listing barn -

coming loose at the seams!

The new post! _ thanks Brian

Our vehicles are clearly not going anywhere ;)

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