Wednesday, January 21, 2015

a year in review in photos with ice cream on top...

Happy new year!! ... all be it a bit late - Brian and I have been laying low in dec - jan recovering from the huge year that was 2014 as well as taking a much needed vacation from which we just returned - we got our dose of vitamin d for sure! and I did a bunch of paintings : ) 

January kicked off with some more great press!  and a new baby calf!!
(we named him Jr. after Jeff who was minding the farm in our absence - thanks jeff!)

We got lots of coverage in the most recent Wine Spectator listing us in the 8 new names to know, Highly recommended (one of two Oregon wines) and 2 of the 16 top wines in Oregon in 2012 (over 650 wines reviewed)! - we are honored and deeply grateful! I am also admittedly giddy that goatio is now even more famous.

and following this is a drag net off some of my favorite photos and moments that happened in 2014!!! what a year. We are truly humbled and grateful ...

the old barn came down ... and become our big table! 

a table that hosted countless feasts !! and so many amazing friends!

Grapes where tended and picked and vinified (by an amazing team!) and bottled and got rockin scores and press!!   





 we made BIG plans asked for and got lots of support and help! and built a barn and a winery!

special thanks to Larry and Goatio and our founders!


and continued to farm! 



 here's to 2015 - 

We are looking forward to a year of finishing touches, buffing, polishing and refining ...