Thursday, February 27, 2014

The spring release is on the way

The Spring wines are coming soon!!! - look for the release letter on monday/tuesday of next week!!


We have been busy beavers around here -- the barn is marching forward the goatio is really cracking the whip on the barn builders!!

Brian, I and great crew of helpers have been hand labeling the entire '12 vintage of big table wines the past two and a half weeks - It's long days of handling every single bottle un boxing, labeling, wrapping and re boxing the entire vintage... the labels look amazing and I'm super excited for you all the see them and enjoy this amazing vintage... many of the critics have already started talking about '12 being a great Oregon vintage and I'm in full agreement!

our amazing 'bad ass' labeling crew!!
(Jeremy, Josh, Clare, Tiffany, Brian, Laura, Chris, Sarah, Joe and Josh)