Thursday, June 30, 2011

tackling cows

So most people have a cattle shoot and a proper set up for 'working cows' that means the cow hand is not actually handling the cow - well not here at big table farm we call Duane and he brings over some stiff drinks and a rope we all head out to the pasture...

We herded the cows into a corner Duane roped each one and then he and Brian body tackled the calf down then I jumped in there with a syringe clenched in my teeth for tetanus shot and clamp in my hands for the gonads (poor boys!) -- then Laura gave them a squirt of mineral in the mouth and we're done.. what a team!! it was kind of fun actually .... now if we had more than a few cows to do - which will happen next year I think we may need a proper set up but for now...this was the old school down home way of castration ... sadly no pictures my hands were full!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

lots of busyness on the farm!

Our meat birds will be freezer ready by the end of this week and the new ones arrived a few days ago! new peepers are always fun....

My nephew Zander has been at the farm working for a few weeks now and has done more than his share of weedwacking... we're eagerly anticipating the Outstanding in the Field meal this Saturday.. I'm pretty sure ticket sales are closed ... It's going to be a very special meal you know I'll be posting lots of photos!!

A neighbor farmer is cutting our hay this year we cut this past weekend hoping to hay monday but sadly got some rain so now we may be bucking just before the event... we'll see that's farming for you... maybe we should make that part of the farm tour - go out and pick up a bale! now that's an authentic experience! : )

And last but not least I FINALLY got over to duane's for a long over due visit with him and got to the drive team he's got over there right now for some training... they are belgin halfinger crosses and I must say it felt like cheating on my boys!

This is Kate and she's hummer in a larger and female form ... I'm in LOVE!!!

To those coming this weekend we can't wait to see you ... happy summer!!

Friday, June 17, 2011


I got in on a red eye to JFK a little bleary eyed early in the am Wednesday - but I was feeling no pain as I was VERY excited to be in New York and about pile into a car with four adorable chefs (poor me) and head straight to the Stone Barns Center up in the beautiful Hudson Valley. I had a meeting with a pig and some cows and the Clyde Men in turn needed to get into the kitchen and get choppin' for the big meal the following night at James Beard ... (I KNOW that's a hell of a lot of name dropping in my very first run on sentence but you all should know me by now) ....

decidedly not the city this is Stone Barns in the Hudson Valley

The weather was perfect. I peeked in the kitchen said my hellos and politely RAN outside to tromped all over the farm!! Then I found me some farmer men and followed them around till they invited me (ok ok I volunteered/invited myself) to hop in the pick up truck and go to a near by property and help them set up some cattle panels and move some cows I was in HEAVEN!!!! : ) the property was out of a story book -

The boys in the SB kitchen!

PDX hits the Stone Barns Kitchen!!

Doing come 'poo' research for Big Table's Gardens!! : )

So after a few hours I had to tear my self out of the cow pasture (literally!) and beet feet to the train at to make my first appointment and a whirl wind tour with our new distributor in NY ... ( who is ROCK star BTW) we hit some big names that I can't say yet. He asked me to wait till all the wine got dolled out till I made public the VERY fun list of placements in NYC (lots of Michelin stars on this list people : ) The day of tasting ended with me making a call to brian asking if we could double our allocation to NY as we needed more wine and I'd seen less than 1/2 the folks our distributor wanted us to see... NICE problem to have!!

Then that first night we had a FABULOUS meal at Public (and just as s teaser yes they will have our wines in about a week ; ) loved the 'som' and his adorable bow tie.... anyway I digress... day two another whirl wind tour of more fabulous top NY restaurants...

first course of the Chef's tasting menu at Public!! yummy with Torbrek woodcutter white thanks Benj!

heading uptown baby! : )

Oceana - amazing wine list loved the som he's a martial arts master too -- me+swoon

After day two a full and fun day pouring Big Table Wines and glowing and grateful with the enthusiasm folks had for them I zipped back to the ACE hotel. (also super hip BTW)- put on my saucy green dress and off to the James Beard House -- Chris DiMinno did an amazing job with a knockout menu and perfect pairings with our wines!! the evening was epic!!!

just a tease -- Barrel Aged Negroni, Northern Pacific hay-cured Salmon, Rye Panzanella, Big Table Farm 2009 Cattrall Brothers Vineyard Pinot Noir, “Stew” of wild mushrooms and Big Table Farm egg yolk, Seared Foie Gras in ash, smoked apple, crispy tesa, Roasted Venison, wild Oregon Berries, Pine, Fifth Course: Big table Farm 2007 White Hawk Vineyard Syrah, Olympic Provisions chocolate charcuterie, Salt and pepper shortbread, Oregon nuts, Oregon artisan cheese....

then a 'little' after party at the Beagle ok I rolled into bed quite late (thanks to Lisa for hosting me at her fab pied-à-terre in the village on night two!! -- Then a lovley brunch and now on the plane home... pinch me!!!

the view from my room sooo NY!

not the farm that's for sure!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

perfect eveing light tonight

It was a beautiful evening - I just had to share! happy summer everyone ....

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The final calf of spring !! and She's perfect

Josephine had her calf today and it's a little heifer and she is perfect, healthy and beautiful - we are thrilled to have a heifer and most especially by our favorite cow both for her confirmation and her fabulous disposition. Still working on her name it's gonna have to be a good one!! It's a good day!

Also my nephew Zander is out working with us on the farm for a bit. He's a great guy! : ) and the garden is finally gonna get in .. today was the spreading the last of the compost! yippie!!

Jesse, Haley's bull calf born just before memorial day, is doing great! more photos of him coming too!!