Monday, November 30, 2009

From the weekend!

This was at the end of a farm tour with this little munchkin - taken by her dad.. I love this part of what we do : ) makes it so much fun to share!!

Thanks to all who came!

We had a great thanksgiving weekend thanks to all those who came to visit us at the farm!

Big Thanks to all of you that took wine home!
If you missed us this year here are a few highlights!!

Brian's home made bread to go with the Fresh smoked bacon!

We made a nice lunch Sunday as it was a bit more mellow

and Our friend Ben came over to help out and at one point he and Brian headed up to the woods and came back with these beauties!!

FINALLY some Chanterelles from our woods! I can't tell you how excited I am about this!!!

oh and big table farm t-shirts are now available !!! two colors and all printed locally with earth conscious printing and on super nice quality cotton! (that's Josephine on the back ; )

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thansgiving weekend day one

Holy cow !! - Thanks to everyone who came out. Many cases left in your arms thank you one and all who came to visit - The pork belly that came out of the smoker was amazing - thank you brian! and there will be more tomorrow so if you are deliberating what to do with your weekend - come out to the farm try some pinot and pork and go home with some bottled smiles for later enjoyment!

The icing on the day for me was in addition to some wonderful wine appreciators there were some folks who had visited at open studios and came back for wine - and one particular guest came back bearing a gift - this little book she made! It's this little egg sized book that is incredibly wonderful and whimsical she made it from a card that had my chicken paintings on it soo creative... - wow amazing thank you Peg.!! I love it!!! THANK YOU!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thankgiving weekend on the farm -

Come out to the Farm this weekend!

We are officially participating in the Thanksgiving wine weekend and we are open to the public!

Friday Saturday & Sunday 11 - 5pm we will have our 2006 Syrah and both 2008 Pinots available to taste and if you like them to purchase!

there's a great winery map here

we've gotten some gravel delivered to try to keep you all out of the mud and we've even swept the driveway! Brian's gonna fire up the smoker and I think I spied some pork belly - and we are crossing our fingers for some dry weather!

The house should be spruced up and I'll even have some art available along with new chicken paintings : ) hope to see you this weekend - Clare and Brian

available - 6"





Sunday, November 22, 2009


They call it a team for a reason -- this morning I went over to Duane's to work with the boys we are getting to the end of their time there and they will be coming home in the next few days - So I went over early this morning to clean their stall and was half waiting for the weather to clear - at some point it was 'clear' that working with the boys was more important than staying dry... so Duane and I harnessed - there was very little talking now having worked with under his tutelage for quite while both with his horses and mine. I hooked up the boys and as we headed down the gravel road the rain started and then after a little bit it started to hail - hail that was small enough it simply dried out the rain for a bit - I was grinning and more content than I can say. We continued on and went to the end fo the road, turned around and started heading back. It was then that I felt a deep connection with these two horses like I hadn't felt before we were all working together the three of us each so different but working in concert - 'special' is the only word I can use to try to explain the experience - I started to cry with happiness and pleasure it was raining and I was crying... driving the horses down the sweet wet gravel drive all of us listening to eachother woven together. Now I understand why they call it a team.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Wine this weekend!!

Come on out and taste our wine at Press wine bar in Dundee -
We'll be pouring our syrah and both pinots - 11-4pm Sat and Sun.

1410 N. Hwy 99W
Dundee, Oregon 97115
Press, A Wine Bar: 503-538-7989

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some great beef

We had a great meal at Ned Lud tonight hosted by Slow Food - It featured the beef prepared a number of ways by the genius of Jason and Ben - nice work gentleman - I got to meet some pretty awesome women ranchers from eastern OR check out there ranches and if you are local to portland you may want to give there beef a try it's pretty freggin good and they are all doing grass fed and finished beef and on farm slaughter!! nice work ladies...

Cory Carman of carman ranch
Liza Jane of 6ranch
and Jill McClaran of Mcclaran Ranch

Liza Jane's cattle

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Big thanks going out to CORK - they did a very nice tasting this past fri with our pinot --

With examples from Germany, France and yes, Oregon Cameron, Big Table Farm and Grochau, Soter and Bergström -- 7 wines and this is the buzz out on the blog world as a result!! : ) THANKS Bernard and Eva@ portlandoregonblog

Monday, November 16, 2009

fall color

Thanks to our friend matt here are some beautiful photos of the day our Riesling was picked!

This is the Brooks Vineyard - Eola Hilla
Planted: 1973 - Riesling

another - good weekend!

With the help of Katie we got our Pigs and goats moved so they are happily munching on new pasture - Thanks Katie we always enjoy our time with you it's makes it more fun than work when you come around! I of course went over to Dunes this weekend - I was able to get over there several times this week and drive the boys .. This was thanks to another Sara who gave her time to come be a second person on hand with the horses as Brian asked me for safety to not drive alone - and Sara knows Huston from before I even owned him and is a horse woman in her own right... so then Saturday under Duane's steady hand we hit a number of new miles stones - we switched sides on the boys which seems simple but defiantly challenges them in news ways, we took off the butt rope which is a kind of training tire for me, crossed a bridge over a stream with out railings and drum role took them off the training tire and hooked them on their first implement! it's was so fun - Sarah Drove her team she's going to take the to plowing and I drove the boys both of us with harrow and we harrowed the back field at dunaes it was really peaceful being out there with the boys they where just awsome and worked hard and had a few distractions and chalanges but met each one - I feel very lucky once again to have these great horses and Duane and Sarah to work with...

what a community! brings home that we are nothing by our selves...

Monday, November 9, 2009

what a great opportunity!!

what a great opportunity!! I got to be on KBOO radio show -

Portland area farmer Clare Carver (Big Table Farm in Gaston) returns to Locus Focus for a chat with Joel Salatin, farmer, food choice advocate and dream-doer, who runs Polyface Farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. We'll discuss the sustainable agricultural methods they practice, based on polyculture and the interweaving roles of farm animals and crops.

I had a ton of fun doing this show thank you Barbara and KBOO!!

Click here to get the pod cast!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

other than horses

There has been lots going on on the farm and winery other than me driving horses - although that being said I went over to dunes tonight and drove my team with out Duane there - it was pretty exciting to drive my boys just them and me...

sooo in other news harvest is pretty much done - we got the last grapes in last week - Riesling!! yes white wine - came via our buddy Matt who delivered it in yet another cool winery truck : ) should be some great Riesling!! more on that as it progresses!!

thank goodness Brian got his first two days 'off' this week so of course he moved animal housing and generally worked around the farm... it's nice to see him and I really look forward to things getting back to norma (whatever that is) around here --

Starting on Tuesday where lucky enough to have two woofer's Elexis and Jaxon who are working there way down the west coast came to work on Big Table farm for 5 dyas - they've brought great energy and have really helped us get through lots of fall chores... like harvesting the rest of the fall potatoes before the rain really starts in full swing...

there is still a bit of canning to do but the lion's share is DONE!!!

The pigs are growing and happy and even better today thanks to Gales Medow farm bringing over 100's of #'s of pumkins gleaned from there place - the pigs where very excited for them! : )

this last photo is of the elk - about a mile form our place... pretty magical : )