Sunday, December 27, 2009

more photos from christmas at big table...

the boys workin' great together

my brother with some egg nog he graciously shared! - YUM

my mom's cook book...

my brother looking like he's right out of GQ

I did actually manage to hit my fair share : )

egg-nog, guns, horses, family and a amazing food!! who could ask for anything more...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

what a great christmas here at the farm!

we've have great wine, meals and family here on the farm the last few days!!

my brother on the JD!

my boys working like champs!

(wild rose hips)

Duane gave me an amazing Christmas gift !! - he welded up a stone boat (this is for my team to pull) It's made from salvaged steel at the tractor dealership he works for and some wood flooring from his old barn!! I was totally blown away!!! thanks you Duane!!

all done! don't be fooled by Huston's head lowered (right hand horse) he's not tired he's clowning around...


my brother Michael chose the pig name last night out of the hat! and Will you can expect your big table farm t-shirt in the mail - : ) congratulations!! thanks to all who entered names there were some GREAT name I'll have pig names for years now... : )

and now pancake and picnic both have names : )

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

da boyz

Huston looks like I feel! -- eagerly anticipating

My Brother and his wife Haley start the drive north today with Merlin (there dog) and lots of cheer to spend the holidays on the farm ... I'm so excited to see them and share the holiday!! I hope the weather stays clear and not to cold for a safe drive north. Gotta stop typing on the blog and get things a little picked up around here!! Happy Holidays!!

ps the pig name drawing will be on Christmas - thanks for all the amazing names I now have pig names for years!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The pig with out a name -

So this poor little piggie never got a name and she's 1/2 way through her life!! - I go out in the morning and say hi to her pasture mate who's name is picnic (and let me tell you it suits her!) and then calling this one "pig 1" but she's so dang cute she really needs a cute name - she's VERY friendly always the first to push in for some affection... so I'm putting it out there - enter your pig names in the comments and I will be drawing a name out of a hat (so make it good) and the winner gets a Big Table Farm t-shirt this contest will end on Christmas day 2009! - so give it some thought!!

(if you don't like pig naming you can also buy a t-shirt for $10 cow is on the back and the logo is on the front pocket area - white and tan - sorry no mediums left only L and XL)

the epitome of Christmas to me is clementines and nuts!

the latest painting to come out of my studio today ...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

home at last

I got home late last night and am so glad to be home !! had a nice dinner made by brian and then curled up in front on the wood stove with the dog... It was a good trip and the wine adventure continues have some funny tasting stories about taking wine around to restaurants what a roller coaster ride that is... more on that when I get a moment to write -

I love my birthday present from Brian !!

what I don't love so much is the fact that is 7 count 'em 7 degrees this morning when we woke up! BURRRRR

Friday, December 4, 2009

Thank you one and all!!

I got soo many happy b-day wishes on the cell and FB it really made my day THANK YOU!!! And big thanks to Brian who allowed me to guess my b-day gifts over the phone (I'm in CA) and for those who know me know I LOVE guessing!! so brian gave me a plow for my team and a pair of work boots I love my practical husband (truth be told to him the plow is VERY impractical despite how it seems!) and my bff gave me a great evening and this lovleyness among other things!! thanks to all -- xxooo c

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More chicken paintings!

Ask and you shall receive!! only one from the last batch is left -

these are 6"




and these are 9"



Monday, November 30, 2009

From the weekend!

This was at the end of a farm tour with this little munchkin - taken by her dad.. I love this part of what we do : ) makes it so much fun to share!!

Thanks to all who came!

We had a great thanksgiving weekend thanks to all those who came to visit us at the farm!

Big Thanks to all of you that took wine home!
If you missed us this year here are a few highlights!!

Brian's home made bread to go with the Fresh smoked bacon!

We made a nice lunch Sunday as it was a bit more mellow

and Our friend Ben came over to help out and at one point he and Brian headed up to the woods and came back with these beauties!!

FINALLY some Chanterelles from our woods! I can't tell you how excited I am about this!!!

oh and big table farm t-shirts are now available !!! two colors and all printed locally with earth conscious printing and on super nice quality cotton! (that's Josephine on the back ; )

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thansgiving weekend day one

Holy cow !! - Thanks to everyone who came out. Many cases left in your arms thank you one and all who came to visit - The pork belly that came out of the smoker was amazing - thank you brian! and there will be more tomorrow so if you are deliberating what to do with your weekend - come out to the farm try some pinot and pork and go home with some bottled smiles for later enjoyment!

The icing on the day for me was in addition to some wonderful wine appreciators there were some folks who had visited at open studios and came back for wine - and one particular guest came back bearing a gift - this little book she made! It's this little egg sized book that is incredibly wonderful and whimsical she made it from a card that had my chicken paintings on it soo creative... - wow amazing thank you Peg.!! I love it!!! THANK YOU!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thankgiving weekend on the farm -

Come out to the Farm this weekend!

We are officially participating in the Thanksgiving wine weekend and we are open to the public!

Friday Saturday & Sunday 11 - 5pm we will have our 2006 Syrah and both 2008 Pinots available to taste and if you like them to purchase!

there's a great winery map here

we've gotten some gravel delivered to try to keep you all out of the mud and we've even swept the driveway! Brian's gonna fire up the smoker and I think I spied some pork belly - and we are crossing our fingers for some dry weather!

The house should be spruced up and I'll even have some art available along with new chicken paintings : ) hope to see you this weekend - Clare and Brian

available - 6"