Wednesday, December 26, 2012

This holiday I have received some beautiful thoughtful hand made gifts - that just warmed my heart... thank you ... : ) - For Christmas Brian and I did VERY little... and it was just lovely!  in fact on Christmas evening we went to bed at about 6pm watched a movie and didn't get up till 9am the next day.. now that's a wonderful holiday...

in big table farm news we picked up our labels from our letterpress printer and they look AMAZING!! we will start labeling in the coming weeks and new wines come march... I'm excited about these new 2011 wines and the labels too : )


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

winter meat

We've been hunkering in for winter around here - the wood stove is roaring full time now as we head to the shortest day and longest night we've been slowing down quite a bit! It's been a really welcome change of pace for brian and I going to bed early watching movies under the thick wool blankets and thinking about 2013 and all the dreams it holds -  We've had some nice quiet dinners with friends and Brian did some smoking (the bacon, ham and guanciale) Brian has also started a peperoni project which should be fun.  I still haven't' put up a tree I think I will... I'm motivating slowly... I do like the sparkle of lights on the long winter nights...

some big table farm duck ... 

this is the beautiful bacon from the pig I raised here on the farm and finished on chestnuts. With Brian's beautiful maple dry rub cure and smoke it's some of the best bacon money can't buy.

these were a b-day gift from Chris at square peg farm ... bread and butter pickles one of my all time favorite foods!!  hint hint... ; )

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jeremy's shots are worth 10,000 words!

Our dear friend David Padberg -- of the eagerly anticipated Raven and Rose Restaurant in Portland -- with an assist by our friend and chef Tim cooked our harvest thank you dinner. The food was all from the farm and David made an absolutely spectacular meal. The table was filled by those that worked harvest with us (Lester, Katie, Jeremy and Sean!) and the volunteers... With out you all we couldn't do it! THANK YOU again...

Thank you Jeremy for telling the story with these beautiful photos!  - you can go to to see more of his BEAUITFUL work -- he's the same artist that made the big table farm video on the right side of this blog.. I just LOVE everything he does!!
(thanks also to the gluten free cowgirl for desserts that evening)

these beautiful photos and layouts of them are all by Jeremy Fenske - 

Monday, December 3, 2012

What happens in palm springs stays in palm springs!

so after the last post this one is a bit of a a left turn... but I just got back from an incredible 4 days in Palm Springs and the Riveria resort with my 7 sisters by blood, marriage and choice - : ) and it was the best birthday a girl could possibly ask for!! It was all sunshine love and indulgence!! I am so lucky to have such an amazing group of women that are my family!!let's just say I was NOT on the farm...  : )