Monday, January 12, 2009

Five-Minute Bread - every DAY!

Darn you Lynne Rossetto Kasper! if any of you are junkies of the 'splendid table' radio show like my husband you may have hear the following recipe for 5 min artisan bread - which let me tell you is stupid simple and really freggin good - the bad part is brian makes it almost every single stinking night and I'm REALLY trying to not eat too much flour based food like _ BREAD!! I know I know poor clare - but really too much of a good thing is well too much - so I guess I just have to keep practicing restraint! darn it -

In other news the chickens are starting to lay a little bit more and I'm not loosing money any more at the darkest winter day I was literally loosing money as I feed $22 dollar a bag organic grain to my girls (yes 3x's the price of the non-organic stuff!!) so if the laying slows down or stops it's a little painful - so when you see those organic prices we're not gouging you I promise it's the cost of real food.

The other animlas are all doing well and happy the very bitter cold weather and snow seems to have gone for a while -


Michael said...

Does the recipe work with whole wheat flour? Do you have a flour mill? Not that I am going to send you one. Just curious.

Now that I too am over 30 I feel your pain. If only we lived in some country where food was more scarce, ya know. When ever I leave this place for a month or two I always drop 10lbs or so. It is like the best diet in the world. Leave the country, see new places and loose weight. I should write a book and make millions.


Clare Carver said...

oh boy I couldn't agree more EVERY time I go on vacation bam 5 - 10 pounds gone! yes you can use whole wheat flour Brian has done that and 50% 50% which is nice too!! - we don't have a flour mill (yet)