Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Friends in early July

So July was a blurr!!! - Kevin and Maia came to visit on the tail end of their honeymoon which was just lovely!

The weekend they came we got out next two pigs in anticipation of Peter Paul and Marcy having their last day a week later.

So we named the cuter of the two pigs Maia - and the other has since been named by my niece Virginia Myra.

This photo is maia and my little spa afternoon set up on the steps we gave our selves pedicures and it was quite an inspired idea... Maia encouraged us to "live the life we are working so hard to build" what a concept thanks Maia! for being so present...

Then our Friend Ann came to visit and helped with some prep for the party and visited all the critters ! that shirt she has on you'll see on me in later photos gotta love a girl that gives you the shirt off her back!

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