Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The last day and the party that insued!

I've been in recovery for the last week or so hence blogging has been a bit delayed - it all started or perhaps I should say ended with the pigs - from there we had food and friends and a bunch chef's who showed up and really uped the anti - I was blown away - special thanks go to Johnny G, Jason French, and Dave Padberg ! These guys where the pro's behind the scenes who helped us butcher and prep the pig for our sausage making as well as get our procuttios ready... not to mention cooking countless amazing meals during the course of the piggie weekend!! Thanks guys!! John G you where epic1

tparty was a great celebration and so many people chipped in in so many ways all I can say is one BIG GIANT thank you!! and I'll just let the photos tell the story!!! - special thanks to so many who traveled from CA !!

for those who don't want to see gory things I've made some of the more "graphic" shots sepia tone ... there are tons of slaughter shots if there is any specific internist in that process or the accompanying photos let me know I'll send them on -

(the pigs last meal)

not really sure why the shot gun was necessary at the end of the party weekend...

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chou-chou said...

oh my LORD that looks so fun! i'm salivating over here.