Sunday, August 10, 2008

what not to do with a bucket

A hook clamped onto the end of a stick, a badly placed green bucket, some pears off our trees, about 4 hours of bovine wrangling and damn did I learn some things yesterday...

Photo of the poor mis Josephine in her pickle Courtesy of Porter

#1 - Don't feed a cow out of a bucket with the handle still on it... that = one cow with her head stuck in a bucket while at first is kind of funny a hot day with a scared cow with her head in a bucket and no way to eat or drink is not good

#2 - you can't coerce a cow to you even if it is normally pretty friendly and even with nice pears when it has a bucket on it's head it's just a non starter

#3 - my dog in the end has now proven her self to be a useful herder

#4 - yanking one's husband out of bed first thing on a saturday morning with a freshman farmer manuver like that is NEVER a good idea

#5 - those round pen panels have MANY uses - and we will need to set up a cattle shoot after all

#6 that hut hut hut noise that cow herders make does actually work...

# 7- last but NOT least Do not I repeat do not throw ones self in front of a charging cow with a bucket on her head - the cow will win - so all is good the cow's head is bucket free and I have only minor bruises and scrapes - whew another day on the farm...

these photos below are also thanks to Porter who came up for a visit with the lovely mis elsa ! We also enjoyed Page and Albert and there two sweet kids who enjoyed Hummer before dinner last night...


chou-chou said...

Poor Josephine! Thank goodness she was eventually liberated.

Thank YOU so much for a fabulous visit. Elsa and I had a wonderful wonderful time.


Lois said...

OMG, Clare - I thought when you said you felt like you had been run over by a cow you meant you had bad flu - dear lord. Or, as I started to say -
Holy Cow!
Take care, girl!

Clare Carver said...

Lois I did have the flu !! this is a story from last year note the date!!!