Monday, August 11, 2008

Cheers! to the Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant & Wine Bar

So the only place to find our Rose in Ca is through the Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant or Oxbow Wine Merchant in Napa - thanks to Peter and Jeff!

These shops (same shop two locations) bought our wine and have been great promoters they are pouring it by the glass and have written up a nice review of it on their web site!

(although in the review we do sound a bit like real estate land barrens if you are a frequenter of this blog and know us you know we aren't fancy or rich but we are having fun! : )

hope you've had a chance to enjoy the rose ! - get it now before it's all gone - cheers!


chou-chou said...

yay for FPWP and Oxbow.

But you should tell them that the navigation link on that page says " "07 Flying Pig Rose".

That pig is laughing, people! Not flying!

Clare Carver said...

thanks chou chou : ) I told 'em but I gotta say the flying pig is kind of cute - remember that little flying pig you gave me .. I love that guy... humm maybe each year the rose pig is doing something different.. laughing flying, smiling, burping. ok I'll stop there : )