Wednesday, May 2, 2012

random spring

laura and I took a lovley drive on Monday evening

new chicks (and a few ducks) on spring grass

These are just some shots taken with my iphone around the farm in the past week spring is in full bloom around here and it sure is revitalizing !

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Celia said...

Oh you are weeks behind us. I remember those days. They passed so very quickly. For us, the pear blossoms came just before Easter. Now, the plums are already full size and deep green, weighing down the tree (though I thinned them some this time around) and thinking about turning a new hue; the blueberries too have loaded the branches and are showing hints of blues, pinks, purples...the way the grapes do: that luscious cool palette of color only nature herself can produce so perfectly. (That's right, I dare you!) And you have too. We all LOVE them. Ducks are so mild and those duckling gurgle sounds are better than a newborn baby. Oh yeah, I did just say that. DO enjoy. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and as for the new look, I like change, it's refreshing.