Thursday, May 3, 2012

new blog look and feel

I cant' leave well enough alone ... I'm in a spring mood and have been thinking about changing the blog to a light color for a long time so I'm trying it out on you all please let me know if you like the new light color? and larger photos??... I will also work up a new header too that's next : )

these are last years babies but this years are due any day now! you can count on new baby calf photos soon!!


Oma 3 said...

This really feels like spring, Clare. And for old eyes, it is so much easier to read. So you have my vote for sure!

I LOVE the last photo of the eggs and daffodil... could this be a painting?

Anonymous said...

I like it, though I've grown accustomed to the old, so it'll take a bit of getting used to. I do like the large photos; however, I also like the little shots along the right side too, which tell more of your story. xo

Celia said...

yes, the buff. good addition.