Monday, May 14, 2012

a full weekend

We are working on all sorts of projects on the farm right now. It was a beautiful weekend and fairly productive. I got all the last of the chickens moved into there out door pens so they get to enjoy this nice weather too! Brian has been diligently working on our downstairs bathroom re model. The old bathroom left a LOT to be desired so we ripped out old drywall, the dropped ceiling, cupboards you name it the works! I wish I had remembered to take a before photo... ahh well.... the new bathroom will feature some beautiful clear redwood we salvaged about 10 or so years ago and have been hauling around ever since.. It gonna be a fun way to use it. Three of the walls will be red wood paneling a la the rest of our house : ) this is one of the walls as brian was conceptualizing and levi acting as general.

levi putting his paw of approval on brian's design 

While Brian worked away on sunday Laura came over and we moved in the new bees she brought me (thank you laura!!)  and we got the swarm I brought home last week a little more settled in... so crossing fingers all the hives stick...

And last but not least Laura and I managed to plow a bed in the garden. We have more to go but things went very well and as usual I'm indebted to her for her help 'workin' the land' here at big table farm! This photo looks a little empty with out the horses but there where there maybe next plot I'll get a shot of them working our land.

BTW on the photo size discussion - for inquiring minds I think I'll stick with this size when there are lots of 'snap shots' and use the bigger size when there is some really nice ones I want to share... 

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Cecelia (CC) said...

Ya know, I usually go to slide view when I visit your farm, so, I guess it wasn't such a big deal to me either way. I like this choice.

It was super sweet to stop in and see a new page of the story. It's like a surprise gift every time.