Thursday, May 17, 2012

working the land at big table round 2

Duane came over last night for the inaugural run of a new 'old' piece of equipment on my farm. Daune bought this thing called a hutmoharrow (no clue how to spell that) it was acquired a couple years back when he and I were at the annual draft auction and he spied it and knew just what is was as he has used it when it was owned by a different draft horse farmer on his place : ). It's a horse drawn ground driven rototiller and it's very simple and works REALLY well! We've been talking about putting it to use in my garden for over a year and we got 'er done : ) - We started with the row that Laura and I plowed on Sunday and it took a little doing to get the horses going on it but with duane on the lines as always I was watching and learning new subtleties -- here I am 5+ years in working with Duane and still learning tons from him ... I guess when you've been doing this for 40 + years you know a thing or two... I'm lucky to have such a good teacher and friend thanks duane... so we got a bit more done and I'm gonna keep whacking away at it over the next few days and see if I can't get some more done...

I did get to work the hutmoharrow myself for a couple passes it's a bit of a trick to stand on this thing and drive at the same time. But kind of fun. I wouldn't say the safest choice but I'll make sure a second person is around when I harrow next. : ) 

addendum - On my run this morning I thought  about watching duane drive and thought about my husband at a dinner party what do these things have in common -- They dont' say much and when they do it's simple and not too loud.. Too often I'm the loud one at the table jovial and having fun... not a bad thing but there are times in life (like while driving horses) to quiet yourself focus and let the horse or other person at the table lean in and listen... I watched the horses set there ears waiting for daune to give the next step... less is more I'll get there : )

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Michelle Blumenthal said...

Great post, Clare. I'm also working on "less is more" but don't forget that you are loved just the way you are and the horses (and the men) adapt to/ thrive on your level of communication, where "more is more." :)