Monday, May 7, 2012

spring is in the air!

We have been getting some really beautiful days starting this weekend - so while the bees were busy working we did our share. We brought the cows down off the hill Sunday to there new spring pasture right around the house - I love having the cows around the house where I can watch them. They are getting ready to have there spring calves which should be any day now!  They'll be around the house for about a week and then we'll move them on. This is the one pasture I do go through and pick up the poo from then I'll mow the grass and pretend I'm actually civilized and don't graze livestock 4 feet outside my door : )

The new ducks could not be any cuter!


Anonymous said...

All these pictures are just gorgeous! But I gotta say, I can definitely see that last one as a painting one day. It is a stunning shot! xox Bee

Cecelia (CC) said...

the bees! new swarm?? gosh what splendor. take time to lie in the grass. it'll be a year before it's this luscious again. cows and lilacs...perfect.

Colette Carver said...

Honesty is best; I feel the old setting of framed stories and a pict I could click to enlarge was a better layout. I could click over to artwork/ or see the stream of stories etc.... these shots are beatueaous but maybe too much of a good thing. I feel like I can not get my arms around what's going on "how long do i have to scroll?" I like the newspaper type set up you did before I could scroll to an old story to share w/ with Bob.
or I could check pics and skip the story of course reading it later;)
maybe i am old fashioned.
White backround humm with all the white around us I say not good. I hit your blog for a piece of peace before bed and the white woke me up.. another soothing color that is light would be ok. Just one non artist opinion. Colettey

Rae said...

You sure do take lovely pictures! I found your blog through... Well, truthfully I can't quite figure how I ended up here. Glad I did, though! :) Looking forward to reading more.