Thursday, April 26, 2012

so you wanna come visit the willamette valley ? - wine geeks pay attention --

Super book to read up on first and a GREAT wine app to bring with you!!

order up people - you'll thank me

Katherine Cole has been a wonderful supporter of Big Table Farm over the years. In fact when we were brand baby new with our very first wines she gave us the time of day which I will be grateful for for a long time - those early supporters mean so much when you are a nobody! She has written some very nice reviews of our wines (several of which where blind tasted BTW : )  and included us in her book Voodoo Vinters which is a great read on Biodynamics in the Oregon Wine industry - with a lovely chapter on Big Table Farm.

In addition to this Katherine (she a very busy woman BTW) has written the definitive app for Oregon wine lovers, entitled Oregon Wine. You can purchase it at Android Market here.
Or, view the app online, free of charge, here.
For your iPhone or iPad: Go to the iTunes store and download Sutro World (free). Once inside the Sutro World library, you will be able to download Oregon Wine along with hundreds of other destination guides.
for a preview of the app click here

more about Katherine -

and the good old face book link : )

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Anonymous said...

Katherine certainly does sound like a true VIP to Big Table and other Oregon winemakers! I find it really cool that Katherine's middle name is one of our family names!