Sunday, January 31, 2010

photo comming soon!!

So I went over to dunes tonight and hung out has some vino and talked horses, life, and tack room celing height you know barn talk...... I laid eyes on the plow he has scored for me to use for the plowing competition!! holy cow if I wasn't already dreaming about plowing I am even more now - It'a buaetiful old John deere plow and damn am I excited to put my hand on those handels! - I feel like the boys are really working well together and I'm sooo excited fro Feb 20th!!! more photos to follow! - this is a photo from the web but kind of the stlye of plow : )


Michael said...

I am stoked for you.

susanne said...

I've been enjoying your blog immensely -- I only recently discovered it and have just now brought myself up to date. You'll have so much fun at Happs -- it's such a great venue and Maureen Harkcom is a treasure! One of these days I hope to make it to one of the draft competitions. I've beento several Combined Driving Events and finally participated in the VSE Driving Trials Twice. Do you plan on cross-training your Haflingers for carriage driving? They'd do great in CDE. Good luck at Happs and have fun!


Clare Carver said...

Thanks for visiting Susanne ~ no plans to drive the boys yet but mostly cause I don't have a cart: ) - thanks for the comments!! cheers! Clare