Monday, January 18, 2010

Home after a good trip!

we left the farm in the hands of my family (BIG thanks to Chris, Mary, Joseph and kids!) they promised to do all the care and feeding for us for two and a half days! and took great care of things...

we arrived at LAX and suddenly we were in a different world for sure! - the weather was notably GREAT!!

we also put our new garmin to the test (thanks to my brothers for this awesome gift!)

our hotel was chic and luxurious!! very welcome!

our first appointment was to pour our syrah for the staff at the tin roof bistro and talk about the wines and a little backstory ... they were super and very enthusiastic : ) we stayed for a meal which was yummy... thanks Tin Roof

the main event of the trip was the pinotdays festival which was very well attended with a great group of folks who all love pinot - it was great to pour our wines for these folks both trade and the public... and tell our story .. I'm not sure the LA crowd understood why we had little plastic farm animals on our table but they came around when they tasted the wines...

Our dinner Sunday night after the event was well deserved and we went to a new restaurant in Venice beach The Tasting Kitchen that some folks at the event recommended and WOW it was one of the best meals we EVER had!! if you are any were near Venice beach GO!! the food was off the charts and the spot was hip but laid back at the same time...the servers were professional and very personable... a truly memorable time and a great end to the trip!

I'm now in for some well earned sleep!!


Cecelia (CC) said...

love the farm animals on the table!

and love you!!


noble pig said...

What a fun trip & I love that you had plastic animals on your table...very cute!

Anonymous said...

Hope it was INCREDILY SUCCESSFUL for BIG TABLE FARM! xoxoxox bee

Cecelia (CC) said...

OK, time to wake up and do a blog entry...we miss you!