Saturday, January 2, 2010

new years eve at Big Table

Our fiend John G. came in town from Napa and brought with him the lovely Chelsea - we where honored to have Padberg (of park kitchen) on a rare night off leading up the charge in the kitchen and generally had a great time... great crew and very memorable evening and next day ;)

ok - ready set cook!!

'sabered' or in this case 'macheted' the champagne

some BTF bacon what's a meal with out bacon in nearly everything...

john g whipped up some starters with praws

wine lots of amazing wine - I think it was 9 bottles to 7 people ... or something like that hard to remember... not counting lemoncello and bubbles

rabbit, chestnuts, Jerusalem artichokes and other loveliness

home grown blue potato gnocchi

makin' the gnocchi

umm with some kind of cream sauce dave whipped up for the gnocchi - 2010 start cardio for sure...

the home raised bird we roasted as if rabbit and chestnuts wasn't enough

Bill lead the charge with the pyrotechnics! : )

new years day Chelsea shot the last shell in the house...

Dave's rabbit creation!!

a few of the contenders - for the geeks out there brian threw down with a marcassin pinot and john with the lastest 100 pointer from schrader wowzers!

beet and kale dish - ummm yeah

and last but not least john and chelsea watch out my friend this girl means business...

here's to another year - may we continue to be blessed with amazing food and friends!! -
and may my quarter jar at the top of the hill get filled up...


Michael said...

Wow, I think I can safely say no one eats better then you two. That looked like an awesome New Years. I don't think I have ever seen a bigger smile on Brian.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Clare & Brian! You 2 sure do know how to do it up big! You guys are simply amazing! So glad you're my family! All Love Bee

Clare Carver said...

thanks you guys! xxoo bee so happy to see you icon!!

Anonymous said...

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