Sunday, January 31, 2010


(this was the pig 'ambulance' that Chris rigged up for moving her around I think she almost liked the special attention)

I talked to my friend Chris last week - the one who I called about 6 months ago in the middle of harvest when I had two loose baby pigs and needed help right then and there - Chris dropped everything and came!.. Chris and Amy are organic farmers who live in Forest Grove about 20 min away they have become good friends and are both good farmers -

any way chris called and asked if I could help him doctor a pig. I was excited to be asked... humm maybe this means I'm a real farmer now : ) - anyway it was nice to see my friends and there new spring pigs the little girl was SOOO good she was caught with out too much fuss we held her over a sink for a good long time cleaning her wound and fixin her up and she sqwirmed a tiny bit but mostly just let us hold her and seemed to know we were trying to help her out ...

(holding a pig over a sink is always kind of funny : )

we prepped a little area for her to heal that was clean and dry and I'm sure she's on her way to being all healed up.


noble pig said...

Love the pig ambulance.

Clare Carver said...

gotta love the creativeness farming calls forth!! : )

Anonymous said...

I love your pig stories, Clare. Well, I love all your stories, but the pig ones - sigh.

Cecelia (CC) said...

I like the pig.

- Sutton