Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring!!!... is creeping in

After Mary Eoin and Kate - Dara and Walter came for a visit! boy that kid is growing up fast!! - we also got the first of several orders of baby chicks - nothing saiys spring like little chirping baby chicks!!! by early summer we will have about 80 new peepers! (meat and egg chickens) the daffodils have been blooming and the fruit trees are moments away!!


Cecelia (CC) said...

Great photos!

Thanks - made me smile...again.


Joseph said...

I love the photos too. Ahh spring - it just makes you feel better all around.

Anonymous said...

Oh! The picture of Clementine with the chick is so incredibly made my night!

Sarah (of Sarah and Erik, Matt and Angie's Oakland friends...)

Anonymous said...

Oh my the pict of the chick is so cute I am catching up on my Blog reading!!