Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Horses and more Horses!!

Friday I went with my friend and mentor Duane up to Madras to the Small Farmers Draft Horse sale and Auction and boy was that a good day - we saw so much great farm and draft equipment and harness and a bunch of 4 legged guys for sale too. It was like old home week for Duane and Jeb who are old friends and pretty deep into the draft community! I saw lots of members of our draft horse group which was fun. I also was able to identify most of the farm equipment there this year - now next step start using some of it!!! The ride up started on farmer time we left Duane's house at 5am which required me to get up a little past 4am - which I'll just say I'm not really accustomed to but I tried to to whine too much as Duane is tough as nails and I already look like a big softy compared to him. So it was me and 5 cowboys in a pick up with me in the bitch seat for a 3 hour drive each way to the auction - under anyother circumstances I might complain - let's just say I enjoyed my self what girl wouldn't - horses and cowboys NICE -

just a small bit of the gear!! : )

One of the auctioneers! he was amazing!

Jeb and Dusty - part of the auction possy : )

Saturday was more horses I dragged my sorry ass outta bed sat morning early again as we'd gotten in the night before at 1:30am yikes - anyway there where horses to get ready so we got them loaded and went to the mcminnville historic farm day and I got to drive Duane's lead team as well as a three abreast! It was thrilling and Sarah was at my side helping me all the way- Thank you Duane and Sarah I owe so much to you both!!

Sarah giving me help with some finer points!

Sarah having a great day!

Duane in his element - with his lead team - they where on fire on Sat!

I was so inspired by Saturday I went home and drove Hummer Saturday afternoon and the Huston on his first pull at Big Table on Sunday YOU GO Huston!! he did great as did Brian who was my 'swamper'. So It was a LOT of horsey time this weekend but somewhere in there we also managed to get some farm work done .. Katie came back on Saturday and worked all day with Brian while I played with horses!! Big Thanks out to Katie for showing up and putting in the work!! Sunday we moved the pigs and built out the second mobile chicken house (the smaller ones for the meat birds) and have about 50 or so baby chicks eeping away in the grass : ) with more coming next week!! boy is it spring all this and it it's been about 75 degrees and my fruit trees have finally rewarded my for my patience or lack there of! - It's good to be alive with weekends like that!!

lookin like spring araound here!

happy pork!

and to top it off Brian never disappoints with weekend breakfasts! god I love that guy ...

(eggs with his homemade sausage topped with a gorgeous holindaze!)


Anonymous said...

OMG - too much fun, Clare! I miss your posts when you are silent, but I know there will be huge news and beautiful photos when you post again, and I haven't been wrong yet! Lots going on here, pass through is cut, they are hanging drywall this week (I hope), there was a soap dish built in behind and below the sink, and that was the original doorway behind the cupboards. It's like a dig, ya know! So glad you are having so much fun.

Oma3 said...

I can't believe your energy, Clare. You called when I was helping the birthday girl out the door... how do you find time for even a call?

kab said...

You go, girl! Let me know when you've got your next local gig and I'll get there! So fun...

Clare Carver said...
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Clare Carver said...

will do kathleen I didn't think of letting you know now I do : ) cheers! c

Michael said...

Wow, what a life. So glad that Oregon still is feeding your sole and Brian your heart.


Anonymous said...

Wow huge beautiful horses!!!! That looks like so much fun!!!!