Sunday, April 26, 2009

the farm circle -

Our friends Barbara and Tom Boyer Grow Organic Hay and also have a small market garden - Barbara has been successively pulling out her winter greens to make room for all her spring starts - When the winter greens like Brussel sprouts and cabbage go to seed they make some yummie food in the process - the tops sauteed in just a little butter are so delicate and sweet!!

so yummie greens not only for us but for my chickens too! thank you barbara for our now third pick up load of spent green the chickens are very happy as are we !!

and the trees are budding like crazy around here it feels liek a little slice of heaven!


Michael said...

Thank you for sharing all this bounty! Your wood lot inspires of times gone by.


Cecelia (CC) said...

Look at those trees.

Have you been out there and sat long enough in Silence to hear them tell you their stories? They will you know.

They might be a bit too full of themselves right now to be calm about it though, so get ready for a swarm of messages.


kab said...

Kale and collard tops rock...mixed in with pasta or alongside grilled meats they are sublime! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

you got me hungry! My dad just is planting some major gardens so i'm excited to take advantage of his work! (i contribute compost...)
i had to catch up on your's been a bit crazy here, had my baby 2 months early so it's been wild. we have a blog set up for her
Anyway, it's so wonderful to hear what you are up to! I still have dreams of visiting someday....

Anonymous said...
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