Saturday, April 11, 2009

lovin' Ned Lud and Moovin' cows

Last night despite being a bit under the weather Brian and I FINALLY got to try Ned Lud Oh my gosh - anyone reading this who lives in Portland GO TO THIS RESTAURANT!!! Jason French is the chef and owner - he is a true artist and a lovely person - his place is totally HIM - and he's doing some very special small plates amazing unusual meat dishes - pretty darn tasty things you haven't seen - his artistry really comes out!! beautiful food and completely affordable (under priced as far as I was concerned...) you can also get our rose by the glass there...

in other news -

Lots of cows posts of late but here's one more non the less - there right around the house so I can't help myself - We had a super young lady Katie who volunteered to come out to the farm today and work!! I sadly didn't get to hang out with her other than over lunch a bit, as I'm still nursing this cold from over doing it earlier in the week (did a 36hour trip to Ca and just packed it in!) - so any way I was very grateful to Katie today as there was work to be done and I was in no shape to do it.... in she walks and put in a full day on the farm - "well I'll be" stunning! nice work people... I'm kind of struck by folks wanting to just come out and work - but I'm totally grateful too - so keep it coming people - I'll have a garden to put in soon!! big love - clare


Michael said...


Now that is one nice friend. Gotta love folks that like to help out.

Get better soon,

Cecelia (CC) said...

cows without tags?? is it true?


what peace.


Apifera Farm said...

um, does she want to come work in a field of lavender with sheep grazing near by...