Friday, April 24, 2009

If you're in Portland this Friday Night stop by Garrisons Fine Wines!!

Big Thanks to Travis of Garrissons fine wines!! He's included our Syrah in a tasting tonight - stop by if you get a chance and give it a try -


NW Syrah Tasting
April 24, 2009
5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

From GFW- blog - "I have to say I am excited about this tasting. We will be featuring a series of new wines that should ‘wow’ you. Some of them are new releases from known wineries, while some are new releases from new wineries. One was a find at Taste Walla Walla about a month ago, El Corazon (which for some reason makes me think of the movie Romancing the Stone from when I was a younger). Another is a project from the winemaker of Illahe, Genius Loci, produced from a small vineyard in Southern Oregon. The bonus pour is a new project from a CA-transplant that runs a farm just outside of Gaston."

$15 Tasting Fee+ Bonus Pour

2006 Genius Loci Syrah Folin Vineyard
2006 K Vintners ‘Motor City Kitty’ Syrah
2006 Dominio IV Syrah ‘Purple Flower’
2005 Cristom Vineyards Syrah
2007 El Corazon Winery ‘With Love’ Syrah

Bonus Pour $4
2006 Big Table Farm

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