Thursday, March 26, 2009

Big Thanks to Dan at Back Room Wines!!

Dan Dawson of Back Room Wines just did a wonderful feature on our wine along with two others!! you can read below a few excerpts or go to him web site here for the full story

Every so often a winery owner and winemaker (in this case it's usually one and the same) come in with a little more passion, thoughtfulness and love for wine than many.
I've picked out three of these wineries, and a wine from each, that taste great as all get-out AND have soul. I mean it-I can "taste the love" in these wines. Now, wines like these aren't to everyone's taste, but I know many of you who love the artisanal wines with a taste of place. If this is the case, you'll enjoy these. Almost goes without saying that with so little wine made, I expect these wines to be plucked up pretty quickly. I hope to fill your order in full, and get it to you quickly (deliveries to me can take a little longer when the wineries handle their own shipping).
Enjoy my notes.

BIG TABLE FARM Syrah, California 2006

Clare Carver and Brian Marcy moved from Napa (a few blocks from BRW) to Oregon's Willamette Valley a couple of years ago. Brian is the winemaker (graduate of Turley Wine Cellars, Marcassin and others). Clare is an artist, professional wine label designer and the sales force (she came to Back Room Wines to show me their wine.) They love wine, food & life. They'll be planting vineyard and in due time will make their own Pinot Noir. Until then, we have a special Syrah to enjoy.

This is 100% "White Hawk Vineyard"
Santa Barbara County Syrah. Big Table Farm captures the royalty of the Syrah grape: complexity, flavor, intensity, deliciousness, ability to age with grace. As the Big Table Farm Syrah arrived just last week, this is the wine I show folks who ask, "what's new and exciting to you now?"
Tasting notes: Perfect example of fine, "artisan"
California Syrah: rich, dark fruit (mulberry, sweet blueberry, black currants) and Rhone-esque black pepper, olive and baconfat. Ample spice. Good acidity to support the big flavors. Fine match with red meats. 175 cases.

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