Friday, May 1, 2009

Big Happenings - This weekend!!!

Ok so it's been a busy week and will be a an even busier weekend!!

If your a wine appreciator and you live in Portland Come Visit us at the Indy Wine Festival !! - should be a lot of fun and it's a great opportunity to enjoy 40 different wines that have been selected by an elite panel of judges! - The Portland Indie Wine Festival is chance to meet these off the map wineries all at once.

Join the craft producers that represent the heart and soul of Oregon’s world-class wine industry as they pour their wines during the first weekend in May. The Portland Indie Wine Festival is an opportunity to meet the next generation of winemakers from emerging cellars across the state. Most of the wines being poured are very limited in production and not widely available to purchase. This is your chance to buy wine you like from the winemaker on the spot and take them home.

In addition This weekend ill also be the ODHBA Plowing event!!!

This is an anual event and is FREE to the public! - there ill be about 18-20 teams of these beautiful draft horses and mules.

the event will be at Champoeg Park - 8239 Champoeg Road NE, St. Paul OR 97137-

I will not be able to attend Saturday due to the indie wine festival but will be there sunday. Come out Saturday for some friendly competition and some beautiful animals and great folks or come sunday for the "finishing of the field"


Cecelia (CC) said...

What does it do to a girl to know she can steer thousands of pounds of horseflesh, and pour wine in utter elegance all in one weekend? I know what it does. It let's her know she's no girl anymore!

What a woman.

Michael said...


This sounds like an amazing weekend. Wish I could be there to join in the fun.


Anonymous said...

Horses and wine what more could a girl ask for!! Sounds like heaven!