Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Art Show!

The Art opening Carlton Tasting Room was a nice event - thank you to all that came!

I've posted the show on my new and improved web site


(the site is still a work in progress of course)


Anonymous said...

love it! love the web page too! Is it worth my time to order wine or do we still have the distance/state laws issue?
Also, in case you care???,, you mispelled your last name the second time on the home page... :)
I love keeping up with you! just spent a long weekend with Angela and showed her your blog and talked about all you've been up to! i just love it!

Clare Carver said...

Hey Jaye sadly we can not ship to you yet I'm hoping by next spring : ( - thanks for the proofing as you know I'm the worlds worth proffer/speller ... wow my own name eshhh : ) thanks for sharing news with Angela please sen her my best!!

Kate said...

These chickens, they are so LUSCIOUS, which I don't think I've ever said about a chicken before. :)

I have the big rollercoaster painting as the major focal point of my living room and every visitor I have just falls in love with it. Such a great reminder of California, of Porter, and of you!

Clare Carver said...

Thanks so much kate : ) hope you have a super time with the girl... I'm so happy she's there!! big love... c