Monday, September 15, 2008

Why I'm just like a chick going to her office job

So I've lived in my share of big cities and I LOVED it! the energy and constant buzz and people all "out" doing there thing... you step out your door and your "in the mix" - this morning I mused that doing my chores is just like going to your local cafe for the daily grind.

I put on my work cloths make sure I've got on just the right mix for the weather and the job at hand - I put my knife on my belt which I'd say is just like a putting your lipstick in your purse. Then out I go... there is the usually that young chick who always say's hi on the sidewalk she's nice and friendly and things are "cool" - if I'm not in a hurry I'll say hi wish her a nice morning. Sometimes there is a bustle of something out in the street a little commotion between a cop and some drunk guy still out from last night - it's all good just a little morning tussle between the horses. I head over to the the door of the coffee shop, aka the grain shed, and step in it's warm, familiar and smells good. I grab my bucket, sidle up and get 'er filled up - Andy the guy at the counter is there every morning purring at me so I throw him a tip - he's always grateful and friendly- then I go off on my way as I pass by all the familiar faces I see every morning, some greet me, some just want something and some are to busy being "animals" to really give a shit. There's usually some peace in this daily habit the rhythm of always starting your day the same way but still having some unexpected things waiting out side your door when you go out for your morning grind.. so now I'm at my office job the ding of an e-mail just came in and it's time to stop goofing off and get to work ...

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chou-chou said...

oh I love this post! And I love your morning "commute". :-)