Monday, September 15, 2008

very horsey weekend

Brian was out of town this weekend and I got LOTS of horse time : )

Hung out with Duane on Sat - and some of his kids (this is Tucker he's a love)

... Duane helped me to get hummers tack all sorted and now I've started driving hummer more now that I know it all fits him right and we've got the right bit : ) ... We had him pulling a log last week!! which was very fun.. thanks Duane !

I've also been riding hummer lots too this photo is Hummer and Clementine and I enjoying a little walk : ) now that's a good view!

- I feel very lucky to have these two fabulous horses - I been working lots with Huston and his training is comming along great... he's now sporting a saddle a a bridle and being ground driven !! he's taking it all in stride and being just great...

I'm having visions of plowing with my OWN horses dancing in my head : )

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